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Auditions Week 2

It's the second night of auditions for Season 9, and the judges are more excited than ever to see the great talent that America has to offer. Nick warms up the crowd in his typical charismatic fashion, then it's time for the auditions to begin!

The first act of the evening is The Willis Clan, a 12-person family musical act that brings its charming rendition of "My Favorite Things" to the AGT stage, much to the delight of the crowd. The judges are thrilled to see such a unique and exuberant act. It's precisely what they're looking for this season! Mel B encourages the family to incorporate harmonizing a little more, and all four judges give The Willis Clan an enthusiastic "Yes" vote.

Next, magician duo David and Leeman take the stage to impress the judges with a melee of illusions. The two Los Angeles natives demonstrate their amazing skills by inviting Howie on stage to demonstrate a trick. The two magicians touch points on Howie's head to magically remove his ability to read words, including his own name. Their combination of humor and magic wins the crowd over, and the judges are excited to send the two magicians on to the next round of competition.

The next act to take the stage is Julia Goodwin, a 15-year-old singer who is hoping to impress the judges with her powerful voice. Though she's never performed in front of a large crowd before, Julia quickly wins over the audience with her rich, soulful rendition of "New York State of Mind." After her performance, the judges have nothing but compliments for the young vocalist. All four of them easily vote Julia through to the next round.

Dance duo Sean and Luke take the stage next to demonstrate precision dance abilities. The two young men have been friends since childhood, and tap dancing has always been a part of their friendship. Today, they're hoping to impress the judges with their skills. The two quickly tap their way into the heart of every teenage girl in the auditorium. Mel B likes that the duo "made tap dancing cool," and the other judges are very entertained by the performance. Howard isn't crazy about the act, but "Yes" votes from the remaining three judges seal the deal. Sean and Luke are moving on!

Next, the judges meet a crazy kung fu master who performs under the name See What Energy Can Do. The energetic performer demonstrates a few applications of his ability to control energy. He attempts unsuccessfully to stop the second hand of a clock, and he breaks chopsticks in half with a dollar bill. The performance is quite entertaining, but unfortunately only two judges want to see it again. On to the next performer!

The judges are treated to a flurry of high-flying stunt acts. Real Encounters demonstrates an incredible motorcycle jump in the parking lot. The motorcycle team blows the judges away with its high-octane, action-packed dirt bike stunt show, and the judges definitely want to see more.

Kids' stunt basketball crew Slam shows off a high-flying slam-dunk show. Flight Crew Jump Rope demonstrates a high-energy jump rope show. X Pogo Stunt Team illustrates the wonderful joys of extremely dangerous pogo stick tricks. The stunt performers really delivered for Season 9, and the judges can't get enough. All three groups are moving on!

Stunt performers aren't the only ones bringing talent to the AGT stage this season. The kid performers are out in full force, and this season the judges are witnessing some of the most amazing child performers ever. A trio of tenacious triplets takes the stage as Dom the Bom, a kid card thrower who uses his two siblings as assistants. As Dom's siblings take their positions, the eight-year-old begins an impressive performance, chopping celery in half with playing cards and whipping cards far into the balconies. The judges give the little card chucker four "Yes" votes.

Kid acts and stunt performers are at an all-time high tonight, but magic performers are a bit lacking. The judges are introduced to a swell of magic acts whose performances all fall short. One particular magician, Mad Jack, calls Howard on stage to participate in a card trick. Mad Jack magically makes Howard's chosen card appear in his butt crack. Fortunately, he provides a set of hot dog tongs to help Howard. The judges give Mad Jack resounding "No" votes.

Next, the judges meet a young musician named Miguel Dakota, who's been working construction jobs to help his family out while he pursues his music dreams. The ladies in the audience immediately fall for Miguel, and when he begins singing and playing guitar, the judges fall in line as well. Miguel has a wonderful voice, and the judges can't wait to hear more from the talented musician.

The judges are treated to an aerial acrobatics performance from Abigail Baird, who combines her acrobatics with animation to create a riveting live-action cartoon. She flies, spins, and tumbles through an animated environment with grace and style, and the judges are captivated by the unique take on aerial acrobatics. A quartet of enthusiastic "Yes" votes from the judges will give us all another opportunity to see what else Abigail has up her sleeve!

The judges close out the night with a little salsa dancing. John and Andrew take the stage to show off their precision salsa dancing moves. The judges have no doubt that John and Andrew are talented dancers. Their energy and creativity are palpable. After the performance, Howard and Howie join the dancers on stage for a salsa lesson. Once the two get their terrible dance lessons out of the way, the judges unanimously vote to send John and Andrew on to the next round of competition.

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In the second week of Season 9 auditions, Nick, Heidi, Howie, Mel B and Howard trek the country in search of America's most talented performers.