The Sacred Riana


Little is known about The Sacred Riana. Stories have been told in her homeland of Indonesia about a surviving spirit that possesses Riana’s human body. There’s also been evidence of the embodied spirit using The Sacred Riana as a vessel to call upon its spirit friends in an attempt to cause fear and chaos in the living world.

When the spirit is present, The Sacred Riana has shown mystical and supernatural abilities, such as moving objects with the power of her mind and conjuring spirits of other worlds to enter our own. When possessed, The Sacred Riana has to fight the evil spirits within her before they can cause harm to others.

Always accompanying The Sacred Riana is her childhood doll, Riani. According to myth, a young girl’s spirit inhabits Riani, which is used as a portal to enter our world and take over The Sacred Riana’s body. Even if left behind or destroyed, Riani always finds her way back to The Sacred Riana. They are forever connected.

Be warned: You may not want to enter or wander into the Dolby Theatre halls alone while The Sacred Riana is present.

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