The Pompeyo Family


The Pompeyo Family are made up of husband and wife duo Jorge and Natalya, alongside their kids and dogs. Jorge was born in Colombia and his wife, Natalya, was born in Kazakhstan. They met in 2003 in the United States, where they both performed with the George Carden Circus. Jorge performed the "Globe of Death" act, and Natalya performed an aerial act. Soon they fell in love and started a family. They both loved dogs, so Jorge came up with an idea to build a dog act. They began to comb animal shelters for spirited dogs in need of a home. Over the years, they rescued many dogs from various shelters and unfit homes and Jorge trained the dogs to do tricks. In 2009, the Pompeyo family and their amazing rescue dogs began their triumphant career. Jorge, Natalya, daughters Katerina and Isabella and their wonderful dogs have been performing together for more than 10 years around the world.