Colin Cloud


Colin Cloud is a stage deductionist, also known as a forensic mind reader. Cloud was born in Harthill, Scotland and became fascinated with Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, learning to replicate the detective's ability to read people. He studied forensic investigation in college and went on to specialize in criminal profiling. Cloud began his career as a motivational speaker helping young adults realize their ambitions. A few years ago he decided to follow his dream and concentrate on developing a stage career, culminating in sold out performances and five-star reviews at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival. The trend continued in 2017, working with the BBC's Sherlock Team, breaking box office records in London's West End and joining the Illusionists Live from Broadway in the U.S. He has been described as "one of the greatest thought readers of all time." His act challenges the way we all think about the world and has been described by many as positively life-changing.