America's Got Talent

Daniel Joyner


Daniel Joyner was born and raised in a musical and artistic home. From the moment he first played the piano as a toddler, he has been on a "one-way street to the stage." He was born and raised in and around the city of Memphis, Tennessee, to Brian - a music director at their church - and Paige - an artist and graphic designer that also sang in their church. Since the age of nine, he's performed in a variety of venues for a variety of causes in front of a variety of people all with one goal in mind: performing to change someone's life through music.

For Joyner, fame and fortune has never meant anything - or at least never as much as making a difference in someone's life; he's said that his only desire is to glorify God through his performances, and through that act he hopes to reach out to his audiences and sing something that needs to be heard. Now, he is a senior in high school and is planning to attend a four-year university program to further study music and performing - unless, of course, America's vote asks otherwise!

Follow Daniel on Twitter @TheDanielJoyner
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