S9 E1509/18/17

Las Vegas Season Finale
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Joe Moravsky, Najee Richardson, Sean Bryan, Drew Drechsel, Allyssa Beird, Sean Bryan and more try to claw their way to Mount Midoriyama.

S9 E1409/11/17

Las Vegas - Finals Night 2
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We say goodbye as Kacy Catanzaro makes her final run while Drew Drechsel, Daniel Gil, Najee Richardson, Jessie Graff, David Campbell, Meagan Martin, Tyler Yamauchi and more take a run at Stage 1.

S9 E1309/04/17

Las Vegas - Finals Night 1
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Lance Pekus, Joe Moravsky, Allyssa Beird, JJ Woods, Jesse Labreck, Josh Levin, Barclay Stockett, Nick Hanson and more kick off the National Finals in Las Vegas.

S9 E1208/28/17

Denver City Finals
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Celebrities are rallying to help Hurricane Harvey victims, and Kevin Hart is leading the way. The comedy superstar called on his fellow stars to aid relief efforts in Houston, and Dwayne Johnson was the first to respond! Find out who else is stepping…

S9 E1008/14/17

Cleveland City Finals
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Joe Moravsky, Najee Richardson, Allyssa Beird, Jesse Labreck, Jamie Rahn, Jon Alexis Jr. and more return for the Cleveland City Finals.
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