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About the Show

From the producers of "The Good Place" comes a hilariously aspirational new comedy about the best bar in San Diego - home to good prices, great company and of course, Abby! This unlicensed, makeshift bar nestled in her backyard is the opposite of everything annoying about today's party scene. There are rules at Abby's: no cell phones, not even to  "look something up," earning a seat at the bar takes time, and losing a challenge means drinking a limey, sugary "not-beer" drink. As the oddball cast of regulars will tell you, hanging out at Abby's is a coveted honor. But once you're in, you're family.

Half-hour comedy (multi-camera)

Studio/Production Company
Universal Television, Fremulon, 3 Arts Entertainment

Executive Producer/Writer
Josh Malmuth ("Superstore," "New Girl")

Executive Producers
Michael Schur ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "The Good Place," "Parks and Recreation"), David Miner ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "The Good Place," "Parks and Recreation")

Executive Producer/Director
Pamela Fryman ("How I Met Your Mother")