Working the Engels

About the Show

In this family comedy created by Katie Ford ("Miss Congeniality," "Desperate Housewives") and Jane Cooper Ford ("Listen Missy," "Material World"), a family of ne'er-do-wells must band together to keep their heads above water when their father and breadwinner passes away, leaving them a mountain of debt.

The Engels must all go to work running Dad's storefront law firm, with one minor problem: daughter Jenna Engel (Kacey Rohl) is the only one who is qualified to practice law. Unfortunately for Jenna, this also means taking on her eccentric relatives as co-workers. Ceil (Andrea Martin), the self-absorbed and overly dramatic but fiercely protective mother works as the firm's paralegal; Sandy (Azura Skye), a former pill-popper who has never worked a day in her life, is the receptionist and first line of defense at the firm; and Jimmy (Ben Arthur), a petty criminal and bad boy who is utterly devoted to his family, is the firm's investigator. Jenna, the youngest sibling and "the good one," becomes the unlikely family patriarch, running the law firm and keeping her crazy family together.

It's not pretty, but it's family.

"Working the Engels" is produced by Halfire Entertainment.

Cast Bios

Andrea Martin
Azura Skye
Benjamin Arthur
Kacey Rohl


Executive Producers
Katie Ford, Howard Busgang, Jane Cooper Ford, Noreen Halpern, Tom Nursall

Created By
Katie Ford and Jane Cooper Ford

Written By
Katie Ford and Jane Cooper Ford (pilot)

Keith Samples, Mel Damski (pilot), Jason Priestley, James Genn

Consulting Producers
Mel Damski, Paul Pogue

Wanda Chaffey, Ben Murray

Associate Producer
Stephanie Fontana

Staff Writers
Katie Ford, Jane Cooper Ford, Diane Flacks, Howard Busgang, Tom Nursall, Josh Gal, Fabrizio Filippo, Paul Pogue, Rupinder Gill, Stephanie Kaliner

Casting Directors
Jon Comerford, Lisa Parasyn

Production Designer
Ingrid Jurek

Director of Photography
Thom Best

Craig Webster, Bruce Lange


Produced By
Halfire Entertainment