All About Lionel Richie

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Photo of Lionel RICHIE
All About Lionel Richie
Born in Tuskegee, Alabama, Lionel Brockman Richie Jr. was a star tennis player in high school and attended Tuskegee Institute on a tennis sc…
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The Commodores
All About Lionel Richie
Richie seriously considered becoming an Episcopalian Priest before turning to music. In 1968, he became a singer and saxophonist for the Com…
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Photo of Lionel RICHIE and COMMODORES
All About Lionel Richie
With funky hits like "Brick House" and the instrumental "Machine Gun," his group the Commodores helped define '70s soul and R&B.
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Photo of Lionel Richie
All About Lionel Richie
Richie released his first solo album in 1982, which included the monster hit "Hello," then went on to a remarkable run of 13 consecutive Top…
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Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie
All About Lionel Richie
In 1985, Richie collaborated with Michael Jackson on the charity single "We Are the World" for Africa, which became a number one hit.
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Grammy Awards - February 26, 1985
All About Lionel Richie
To date, Richie has sold nearly 60 million albums.
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The OmegaItzhak Pearlman Award Ceremonies Dinner to Benefit the National Committee Arts Handicapped
All About Lionel Richie
He's the adoptive father of Nicole Richie, and now grandfather to her two children, Harlow and Sparrow.
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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation - A Night to Remember
All About Lionel Richie
Inspired by his grandmother, Richie became a dedicated activist, and helped raise over $3.1 million for The Breast Cancer Research Foundatio…
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Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation's Grand Slam For Children - Show
All About Lionel Richie
In the video game Final Fantasy XIII, director Tetsuya Nomura based the character Sazh's appearance on Lionel Richie.
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US soul singer Lionel Ritchie performs d
All About Lionel Richie
In recent years, Richie has become a phenomenon in various Arab states, and has performed in Morocco, Dubai, Qatar, and Libya.