Whitney catches her therapist eating an entire cake in the park and begins to question everything.

Alex arranges a blind date for Lily, and Lily finally discovers what Whitney and Alex really think of her.

Whitney and Alex engage in a contest to see who can take the most inappropriate photo.

Whitney and Alex finally take a honeymoon trip to Alex's family cabin.

Alex buys a motorcycle and Whitney does not approve.

Whitney's dad pays a visit. Is he a changed man or the same old deadbeat dad? Peter Gallagher guest stars.

Alex's brother and sister-in-law visit and Whitney has a tough time adjusting. Ken Marino guest stars.

Alex and Whitney go to couples therapy after Whitney catches Alex in a lie.

Whitney meets up with her ex-boyfriend to find out if he's still a manipulative jerk.

At a routine doctor's visit, Whitney discovers that she has a serious ailment.

Tensions rise when Alex's ex-girlfriend drops by for a weekend visit.

Alex is invited to deliver a speech at his alma mater while Mark gets a lesson in chivalry.

After agreeing to divulge all their secrets to each other, Whitney and Alex discover that complete honesty isn't always a good thing.

Whitney and Alex open a joint bank account, which comes with problems of its own.

In the Season 2 premiere, Whitney and Alex discover that being married isn't all fun and games.