Whitney catches her therapist eating an entire cake in the park and begins to question everything.
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Whitney Cummings
Chris D'Elia
Rhea Seehorn
Zoe Lister-Jones
Dan O'Brien
Tone Bell
Chelsea Handler
Tags: Whitney, finale, season 2, cake, Chelsea Handler, chelsea, Roxanne, Mark, kiss, therapist

Cake, Cake, Cake

Season 2
Episode 216
Air Date 03/27/13

During a casual stroll in the park, Alex and Whitney stumble upon Whitney's therapist eating a full cake by herself. At the bar, Mark notices that RJ is in a great mood, and the gang soon discovers that RJ is dating someone who he really seems to like. RJ refuses to reveal the identity of his new girlfriend, but his offer to hook Mark up on a blind date makes Roxanne jealous.

The next day, Whitney meets with her therapist, Dr. Price, and admits that she saw her in the park eating cake. Dr. Price immediately becomes defensive and quits on the spot. Back at the bar, Mark brings his date to meet the gang. Roxanne's jealousy makes her bitter and rude to Mark's date, and Lily advises her to be nice.

Meanwhile, Whitney complains about her weird therapist and Alex assures her that she doesn't really have any problems anymore. Alex says that, from now on, he'll act as Whitney's therapist. Eventually, he convinces Whitney that she's actually happy now. Whitney decides to invite Dr. Price over to make friends and eat cake, and Whitney and Alex realize that they're incredibly happy.

Mark finally talks to Roxanne about her behavior in the bar. He tells Roxanne that he's only going on dates because Roxanne won't go out with him, and he's tired of wasting time waiting for her. The next day, Roxanne finds Mark in the park and confesses that she's afraid to be in a healthy relationship. Mark and Roxanne finally share a kiss, and she can't contain her excitement.