Alex arranges a blind date for Lily, and Lily finally discovers what Whitney and Alex really think of her.
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Whitney Cummings
Chris D'Elia
Rhea Seehorn
Zoe Lister-Jones
Dan O'Brien
Tone Bell
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Alex, Meet Lily

Season 2
Episode 215
Air Date 03/27/13

Lily returns to Whitney's apartment and, after a conversation with Whitney and Alex, she realizes that all of her friends see her as poor and desperate. Alex blurts out that Whitney made him hang out with Lily, which hurts Lily's feelings even more. Later, Alex apologizes to Lily and tells her that he had a good time hanging out with her. Lily admits that she's desperate for a boyfriend, and she needs to be more independent.

Meanwhile, Mark and RJ are playing darts at the bar, and Mark accidentally throws a dart into Roxanne's back. He takes her to the hospital and takes good care of her. Roxanne is beginning to see the softer side of Mark, and she kind of likes it.

Lily meets Alex's friend, Philip, at a restaurant. Philip is extremely awkward and incredibly desperate. During the date, Lily realizes that Alex sold her as a poor, desperate girl in need of companionship. Lily leaves the date.

While hanging out in Whitney's apartment, Lily realizes that she doesn't really have any guy friends. Whitney convinces Alex to hang out with Lily one-on-one, and Alex reluctantly agrees to spend time with Lily. At first, it seems like Lily and Alex won't get along well, but they quickly bond over scary movies and scones. Convinced that Lily is cool, Alex offers to set her up on a blind date with a friend from the gym.