Take a trip back in time to where it all began: Chris and Reagan's wedding day!

Determined to deliver some good news in their annual holiday newsletter, the Brinkley family hits the road to show Amy her first real snow.

Chris takes up smoking and struggles to quit while Ava brings a Midwestern family on a tour of her daily life.

Chris and Reagan head to Gene and Terry's cabin for a weekend getaway.

After their flight is cancelled, Chris and Reagan are forced stay home for Thanksgiving.

Chris struggles with his camera phone addiction; Reagan wants to feel sexy again, and Ava and Walt build a haunted house for the neighborhood kids.

Chris and Reagan struggle to find a babysitter so that they can rekindle their dying social life.

Chris engages in a passive-aggressive war with an annoying friend from his past. Rob Huebel guest stars.

Chris and Reagan try to spice up their relationship and Ava battles a rabid fan for her most prized possession. Rachel Dratch guest stars.

Ava reunites with an old friend and Chris teaches Reagan about the delicate neighborhood ecosystem.