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Gerald McRaney

Carlton Shaw

Gerald McRaney stars as Carlton Shaw, the CIA liaison and boss who reinstates Steven and Samantha (Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha Raw) back into the field in NBC's spy drama Undercovers.

Gerald McRaney, who spent more than 16 years as the star of several network series including "Simon and Simon," "Major Dad," "The Promised Land," "Deadwood," "Jericho," and "JAG," continues to enjoy a blossoming career.

He made his Broadway debut last season in the New York premiere of Horton Foote's play "Dividing The Estate" and went on to film "Get Low," an independent feature which also starrs Oscar winner Robert Duvall, Golden Globe winner Bill Murray, Oscar Award-winning Sissy Spacek and Lucas Black. He followed that with a co-starring role in the big-screen action-adventure feature film "The A-Team," with Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper.

His first television role was in an episode of "Night Gallery." Four appearances on "Gunsmoke" were followed by steady work as a character actor in television movies including "Where the Ladies Go," "Women in White," "The Law," "Roots II," and in such classic series as "The Incredible Hulk," "The Rockford Files," "Police Woman," and "How the West Was Won."

McRaney has appeared in a long list of other highly rated television projects. These include the telefilms "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story," "A Stranger Beside Me," "Not My Son," "Deadly Vows," "Dream of Murder," and "Someone She Knows." His miniseries credits include "Shake, Rattle and Roll," and "Nothing Lasts Forever," opposite Brooke Shields, Gail O'Grady and Vanessa Williams.

His talents also extend to the other side of the camera, where his directing credits include "Simon and Simon," "Major Dad," and the television movie "Love and Curses," on which he also served as executive producer and co-starred with his wife, actress Delta Burke. McRaney and Burke currently reside in Los Angeles.

CIA company man Carlton Shaw has done it all and seen it all. Gruff, seemingly joyless, and a stickler for protocol, he finds it exceedingly difficult to cope with his new assignment: handler to reinstated agents/caterers Steven and Samantha Bloom. With great pain and reluctance, Shaw liaises with Langley to send the Blooms on their world-saving missions around the globe.