The Battles, Part 4

S11 E1110/18/16
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On the fourth and final night of battles, six more artists give their all and duet one another in the hopes of making it to the knockout rounds. Those who don't win their battles have a chance to be stolen by a new coach.

The Battles, Part 3

S11 E1010/17/16
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On the third night of battles, 18 artists bring their A game to another round of stunning vocal showdowns - but only some will continue on in the hopes of winning the overall competition.

The Battles Premiere, Part 2

S11 E910/11/16
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On the second night of the battle rounds, 12 artists pull out all the stops in the hopes of keeping their spots in the competition or being stolen by a new coach. Some stay, and some are eliminated...

The Battles Premiere

S11 E810/10/16
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On the first night of battles, artists go head-to-head and deliver their most powerful performances yet in the hopes of securing a spot in the next phase of the competition. And those who don't win might get stolen.
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