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Live Top 10 Eliminations

The songs have been sung, the votes have been cast. Time now to find out who stays and who goes on tonight's episode of The Voice.

First, Carson Daly is here to share some big news: Gwen Stefani, pop star and lead singer of the band No Doubt, is officially taking over a coach's chair for Season 7 of The Voice, along with the previously announced Pharrell Williams. Very exciting news for music fans!

Team Usher gets a chance to show its chops, with the coach joined onstage by his artists Josh Kaufman and Bria Kelly for a pounding take on Lenny Kravitz's "Always on the Run." Holding your own with Usher onstage is no small feat, but the singers look right at home. Bria we know can rock, but Usher and Josh are normally soul and R&B singers, so it's awesome to see them stretch out.

Then it's time to hear the first two saves. All 10 artists line up as Carson pulls an envelope from his jacket pocket. The music swells as he reads off the first name: Christina Grimmie of Team Adam. Then after a pause to let everyone catch their breath, the host reads the second name: Team Blake's Sisaundra Lewis. She's so relieved she won't have to wait until the end of the show to find out her fate like she did last week.

After a check in with the coaches, the remaining eight artists are onstage again, so Carson can announce two more saves. First saved is Team Shakira's Kristen Merlin, followed by Team Usher's Josh Kaufman, who is not wearing his lucky hat but still has good luck tonight. He leaves the stage to hug his coach, who has donned sunglasses. Josh's future is so bright, Usher's gotta wear shades!

After another commercial, we get one of the famous Voice confessionals, during which we find out that Jake Worthington is apparently the only person on the show who can wiggle his ears. Is there anything that kid can't do? We also see a very funny Tina Turner impression from Delvin Choice, who might have a comedy career as a mimic if this singing thing doesn't work out.

Then Shakira performs with her two remaining team members, Tess Boyer and Kristen Merlin. They sing "The One Thing," an upbeat pop song Shakira wrote for her infant son that gets the crowd moving on this hot night.

Then it's time for two more saves. The six remaining artists come back onstage so Carson can read off the names. "From Team Blake," he intones, "Audra McLaughlin!" Audra's parents are jumping for joy as she rushes off to hug her coach. Then the next save: Delvin Choice! Guess he can hold off on that comedy career for another week.

Another commercial break, and then we're back with a backstage tour. The artists talk about how much fun they are having, but there are some surprisingly tender moments too. It's tough to be away from your family and your home, living in a hotel for weeks at a time, even for an opportunity like this one. They all do get to wear some great clothes, though.

We've got one final save, and the four remaining artists line up to hear their fates. The music builds as Carson reads the name: Jake Worthington, the teenaged country boy. Which means Blake will have three artists in the top eight. Not bad.

We take a break to allow the three remaining artists to get ready, and then they sing for their lives. Bria Kelly is first up with Heart's "Crazy on You," the perfect rocker for her. Afterwards the coaches share some words of encouragement.

Then it's Tess Boyer's turn, singing Pink's "Who Knew." Afterwards, her coach, Shakira, is heartsick that Tess is in the bottom three for the second week in a row. She begs America to save Tess again and give her one more chance. We'll see, Shakira.

Finally, Kat Perkins gets her turn, singing the rocker "Paris (Ooh La La)" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, and it brings down the house. The coaches can barely get in a word of commentary afterwards because the audience's crazy cheering for Kat. Guess we know who they like.

It's instant save time. Carson announces the voting is now open, and everyone has five minutes to tweet #VoiceSave and the name of the artist they want to remain on the show. Across the country, thumbs and fingers begin flying.

We're back from commercial to close the voting and count it all up. The three artists hold hands and the coaches look nervous as Carson reads off the name of the winner: Kat Perkins! Her coach, Adam, pumps his fist as Kat hugs Tess and Bria. Then she leaps into the arms of her teammate Delvin as the credits roll.

So it's down to the final eight artists. Next week, there is one more Instant Save as the artists try to make it through and we rush headlong towards the crowning of The Voice.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 19:30
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The Voice



Short Synopsis

Shakira and Usher sing with their teams, and an instant save determines who will head into the Top 8.