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Live Semifinal Eliminations

The wait is almost over. Tonight we learn the identities of the three artists who will advance to the finals. One of them will have to get there via the last Instant Save of the season. It's sure to be a fierce fight.

First, superstar country band Rascal Flatts kicks everything into high gear with a rocking performance of "Rewind," the lead single off their new album of the same name. It's the 33rd single of the band's 14-year career, but they have not lost a step. They set the stage for a great night of performances.

Next we learn the name of the first artist saved by America's votes. The five finalists line up on stage as Carson Daly pulls out his little red card. He lets the tension build and the music swell before announcing the name: Jake Worthington! The teenaged country singer has done it, giving Blake Shelton, already the winningest coach in the history of The Voice, a shot at adding to his trophy collection.

After a commercial, we're back to watch Usher perform magic tricks and everyone toss around a basketball in The Voice Confessional. Then it's time for a little coach talk, with the usual joshing between Blake and Adam, the "bookends" of The Voice, as Usher calls them.

Season 5 runner-up Jacquie Lee arrives to perform her new single, "Broken Ones," which dropped today. It's a powerful song by a mature-beyond-her-16-years artist. Afterwards, Carson talks to her about the upcoming Voice tour, which she describes as "sick." Okay, she's still 16.

After a commercial, Carson appears in the Sprint Sky Box with Jacquie and Season 5 winner, Tessanne Chin. The three have barely started talking when British musician Ed Sheeran ambles up, surprising Jacquie in particular - the two worked together last season when Sheeran was the advisor to coach Christina Aguilera.

Next, Season 5 third-place finisher Will Champlin steps into the spotlight to perform his new single, "Eye of the Diamond." It's a hard-charging, guitar-driven rock song, a change of pace for Will. The mild-mannered Will struts across the stage in leather pants, belting out every note and energizing the crowd.

It's time for the second save. The four remaining artists line up onstage. The music builds and the singers fidget nervously until Carson relieves the tension by reading the next name... Josh Kaufman! The soul singer will move on to represent Team Usher in the finals. This means that Kat, Kristen and Christina will have one last chance to perform and convince America which one should move on to the next round.

First, though, Tessanne Chin takes the stage to sing her new single, "Everything Reminds Me of You." It's a nice pop song, full of emotion and heart and Tessanne is in fine form. She'll be a star attraction on this summer's Voice Tour. Afterwards she chats with Carson for a minute; she's as humble and excited as always.

It's time for the last chance performances. First up is Kristen Merlin, singing Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away." Her coach, Shakira, looks very nervous, but Kristen never falters. Afterwards, Blake tells her how impressed he is with how Shakira has molded her into a true country artist. That's praise from Caesar right there.

Next is Kat Perkins, facing elimination for the third week in a row. She sings "Good Girl," another Carrie Underwood song. As always, Kat has a power and a rocking energy that has the audience jumping and leaves her coach thrilled. But will it be enough?

Finally, tiny powerhouse Christina Grimmie gets her shot with OneRepublic's hit "Apologize." It's a booming performance, complete with Christina going down to one knee to hit and hold a couple of big notes, as if the power of her own voice has overwhelmed her. Afterwards, her coach, Adam, makes an impassioned plea for the viewers to vote her into the last round.

Kristen and Kat return to the stage as Carson opens the voting and throws to commercial and Twitter goes crazy.

We're back, and Adam and Shakira take a moment to speak to each of their artists. Then Carson gets ready to read the name of the Instant Save winner. The three singers join hands. Adam, who might be watching the rest of his team get wiped out, slumps over his console, clearly dreading what he might hear. Carson reads the name of... Christina Grimmie! The little girl with the giant voice will get a chance to win it all next week. An excited Adam and a downcast Shakira rush the stage to hug their artists as the credits roll.

Next week, we can look forward to the artists' final performances, likely some trash-talking between Adam and Blake, a galaxy of musical stars and the crowning of a champion as Season 6 of The Voice comes to a close.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 - 19:00
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The Voice



Short Synopsis

The results of America's votes and instant save are revealed as the Top 3 finalists are named. Rascal Flatts and Season 5's finalists all perform.