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The Live Top 12 Eliminations

As restless artists try to calm themselves backstage, Universal Studios Stage 12 begins to fill in with rabid Voice fans. Tonight the truth comes calling as the second live elimination show kicks in; two singers will be sent home tonight. Last night's votes have already been counted, but tonight there's a twist: only the top nine vote-getters will be assured a spot in next week's Top 10. The bottom three vote getters will be brought to the stage as a group, and for the first time ever, the artist who can muster the most tweets in support will be saved to the next round. It's enough to make even cool cat CeeLo Green a bit nervous.

To break the ice, pop singer Sara Bareilles favors the crowd with her latest, "Brave." The former Sing-Off judge works the stage and throws her longtime friend, Adam Levine, a few knowing looks as the crowd claps along.

Carson checks in with Coaches Xtina, CeeLo, Adam and Blake. They're every bit as nervous as their artists are. They express their gratitude for and satisfaction with the quality level of the artists this season; no matter how it goes tonight, the coaches want their charges to know they've got their long-term interests at heart. Carson pulls the first set of results and pauses just long enough to torture the artists onstage before announcing that Caroline Pennell and Matthew Schuler are safe for next week.

Time for a little relief, courtesy of CeeLo Green, Kat Robichaud, Jonny Gray and Caroline Pennell. Augmented by eight dancers, the happy-go-lucky team delivers a delicious take on the B-52's "Roam." It's a romp, but the fun times don't last long. The remaining 10 artists find their way to center stage where Carson stands ready to reveal the names of the next two artists who have been voted through to the Top 10. After a tense prelude, Carson announces that Austin Jenckes and Tessanne Chin are also safe.

We return from commercial break to find Carson up in the Sprint Skybox where he explains tonight's instant save in detail. Everyone's encouraged to log in to Twitter and get ready to save one of the bottom three vote getters. Any artists on the bubble will hope their fans coalesce into a mob mentality that will propel them into the next round. Carson throws it back to the stage where this season's remaining guys - James Wolpert, Ray Boudreaux, Jonny Gray, Austin Jenckes, Will Champlin, Matthew Schuler, Josh Logan and Cole Vosbury - are ready to rock the house. They take turns singing "We're an American Band," clearly having fun with the Grand Funk Railroad anthem.

We reset and return to Carson who informs us of the next names who are safe: Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury and Will Champlin. Adam Levine hops up onto the stage and leads his team of Tessanne Chin, James Wolpert and Will Champlin in a delightful Beatles' cover, "A Hard Day's Night." Apt the song is, as everyone knows the witching hour is drawing near - and it will be hard to say goodbye to two of tonight's singers. And just like that, the final two artists who have been saved by America's votes are announced. Ray Boudreaux and James Wolpert are extremely relieved to live for another week. Now the pressure's on as Jonny Gray, Kat Robichaud and Josh Logan know what’s ahead. Carson explains again how to use Twitter to cast a saving vote for each artist. We head to break and America's tweeters put their thumbs into gear.

We return from break and once again find Kat, Jonny and Josh at center stage. If waiting for the previous results announcements wasn't difficult enough, the instant save process proves excruciating. As the final seconds of the live show tick down, Carson reveals that Kat Robichaud has been saved via Twitter. Josh Logan and Jonny Gray are heading home; we bid them goodbye. The Top 10 make their way to the stage for a bow and immediately begin thinking about what they'll do to make sure they're not up for the instant save next week.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 21:00
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The Voice



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America's choices for the Top 10 are revealed.