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The Blind Auditions, Part 5

It's the final night of blind auditions in Voice-land, and Blake feels like "it's Christmas morning all over again." Tensions are a bit high as all four coaches are looking to put the finishing touches on their team rosters. The first puppy in the window tonight comes in the form of Matt Cermanski, a 20-year-old returning singer from Pennsylvania. Last year, Matt wasn't able to turn any chairs due to his risky song choice of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," but a lot can happen in 365 days. Matt took singing lessons in the off-season, and it shows in his carefully crafted rendition of "Have a Little Faith in Me." Adam immediately hits his button and lobbies hard to get Matt on his team. Blake and CeeLo make things interesting, but in the end, Adam gets his man.

Next up is 22-year-old Diego Roman Navaira, the prodigy son of superstar Tejano singer Emilio Navaira. Diego could've easily ridden his father's coattails into the industry, but he's looking to make his name as a rock singer. He growls his way through Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell," and all the coaches seem to like him; but none of them can bring themselves to push their buttons. CeeLo comes closest, but he tells Diego that, at this stage of the auditions, his scarcity of spots means he has to be super picky. The next artist takes the stage - and CeeLo doesn't hesitate. Tamara Chauniece actually has her pick of CeeLo or Xtina, but CeeLo's vibe is just too hard to resist.

Twenty-year-old Texas native Brandon Chase is a winner just for stepping on the stage. When he was two days old, his heart stopped over 60 times in a 24-hour period, and the doctors said he'd never be normal. Well, they may have gotten one thing right, because the pipes on Brandon are nothing less than extraordinary. Brandon's cover of Hunter Hayes' "Wanted" really shows off his country singing chops. Both Blake and CeeLo make their cases to be Brandon's coach, but in the end, Chase's country side wins out, and Blake adds another strong candidate to his already loaded pool of talent.

The teams continue to take shape, next with part-time flower deliveryman Lupe Carroll. Lupe met his wife through music, and he wants to do everything he can to provide for her and make her proud. Lupe's romantic story and unique voice captures the attention of CeeLo, who quickly adds him to his team. It's gonna be awhile until Lupe delivers his next bouquet of flowers because The Voice stage has him now.

Adam has but one slot remaining - and the next artist captures it. Berklee School of Music grad Grey has been performing in wedding bands to make ends meet, but tonight that's all going to change. Her "Catch My Breath" takes away the breath of not just Adam but Blake and CeeLo, too. The three guys face off over the singer, but it's Adam who wins the prize. He's got a bow around his team now.

Dominic Scott Kay is up next. His pedigree is impressive: he's the son of a professional drummer, and he's been acting in movies since he was a small child. But his "Easy" belies that; at 17, his voice is just not developed enough yet. Though he's shut out, the coaches urge him to keep working on his craft. He definitely has talent, but this just isn't his year. Encouraged, Dominic takes the advice in stride and walks off with his head held high.

Xtina explains that after taking a season off, she's really determined to win it this season. She puts a premium on a roster of versatile performers, and this year is no exception. Her final spot goes to the Latin rocking, Irish-bred Chicagoan Michael Lynch, who wows all of the coaches with an upbeat and energetic version of "Bailamos." Xtina is so taken by him that she asks for a mic, and the two sing a duet as they salsa. Could Xtina's team be the one to beat?

Georgia girl Deanna Johnson shocks the audience and coaches with a voice that's different from her country-girl look. Her "Stars" is powerful, but at age 17 and with only two years of serious singing under her belt, Deanna is just not quite ready yet. The coaches encourage her to come back next year and wonder aloud if she's just a victim of circumstance, as there are only two spots left and the remaining coaches have to be insanely picky. But folk singer Brian Pounds doesn't have as much trouble as he bowls CeeLo and Blake over with his "Wagon Wheel." Xtina and Adam try to steer Brian toward CeeLo; but Blake is the returning champ, and Brian senses that together they could pull off a four-peat.

CeeLo is the only coach with a slot remaining now - and he knows he needs just the right artist to fill out Team Red. He passes on three solid singers: Marc Wulff, Danielle Walsh and Ty Wyffles before hearing army veteran Shawn Smith and his country-crooning "Chicken Fried." CeeLo plays it picky, but when the former sergeant busts out his over-sized persona to bring the song home, CeeLo can't resist. He asks the crowd if he should push - and they cheer. When he finds out he's the last person accepted, Shawn gives CeeLo a massive hug and promises to make him proud. With the teams now complete, the artists must enter the hardest part of the competition... the battle rounds!

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Monday, October 7, 2013 - 20:00
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The Voice



Short Synopsis

CeeLo, Xtina, Adam and Blake put the finishing touches on their teams as the auditions come to an end.