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The Battles Premiere

The moment of battle has arrived. The coaches must cut their teams in half over the next four nights; a lackluster performance could spell the end of each singer's fairytale. Luckily for the contestants, there is a safety net: each coach also has two steals, where they can snag a losing contestant from another coach for a second chance at stardom.

First up: energetic Nic Hawk and soulful wedding singer Grey. Assisted by OneRepublic front man Ryan Tedder, Adam chooses Jessie J's "Domino." Grey has a history with the song, having sung it every weekend with her wedding band, but Adam tells her that he wants her to move beyond her lounge singer sound. Ryan thinks Nic has a "super dope" stylization, but he needs to control his energy onstage, so the song doesn't get away from him. As the battle begins, Grey and Nic trade notes blow for blow, and they have the coaches split on who should stay. Adam ultimately chooses Grey, thinking her vocal maturity sets her up as an early frontrunner! But Blake immediately uses a steal to save Nic. Blake says, "Adam is an idiot for letting him go!"

Teenagers Amber Nicole and Timyra-Joi are up next for Christina. Xtina chooses Beyonce's "Listen" as their song, and Timyra struggles with nerves during rehearsals. Amber connects with the song on a thematic level, but her runs are a bit inconsistent. Back on the battle stage, both singers bring so much soul that Christina is brought to tears. Xtina picks Amber because of the maturity in her voice. To everyone's surprise, young Timyra is sent home, but not before receiving encouragement and advice from the other coaches. CeeLo tells Timyra that if she continues to hone her craft, she will be a star!

Blake kicks off his battle round by throwing the Alabama-raised Justin Chain up against Shelbie Z. Blake and his advisor Cher give the two "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean, hoping the love ballad will reveal a new side of both. In the rehearsals, it's clear that Shelbie has a strong voice that might overpower Justin if he doesn't bring his A game. On the night of their performance, Justin and Shelbie are so evenly matched the coaches struggle to identify a clear winner. Finally, Blake decides on Shelbie, citing her powerful vocal range.

CeeLo and Miguel team up to tutor 17-year-old Anthony Paul and shy but unique high school singer Caroline Pennell in preparation for their battle round showdown. CeeLo picks Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me" to complement his singers' younger vocal sound. The song is a solid fit for Anthony's style, but Miguel notes that the song may be an even better fit for Caroline and her "wind-like" vocals. The two kids duke it out on the Voice stage, trading verses and pushing the crowd into a frenzy. The coaches are in agreement: this is the best battle of the competition thus far. Because of her unique sound, CeeLo chooses Caroline as the winner, but Christina saves the day for Anthony Paul and steals him! His innate understanding of when to hit his highs and lows makes her think this young singer is talented beyond his years.

Adam's up again next, matching former background singer Donna Allen with Jamaican-native Tessanne Chin. Adam and his advisor Ryan Tedder are heartbroken to make the two battle one another, but with similar talents, it just has to be done. Adam chooses "Next to Me" as their song in hopes of challenging both of his singers. Adam tells Tess she needs to find the soul Donna has, and he tells Donna she would benefit from emulating Tessanne's smoothness. During what Blake terms an "epic battle," Tessanne and Donna bring the house down by trading verses and bringing the best out of one another. Adam thinks both could end up winning the competition, but he elects to keep Tessanne on his team because she displayed more consistency throughout her performance. Shockingly, Donna is not saved by any of the coaches.

The final pairing is Kaley Cuoco's sister Briana and high school junior Jacquie Lee; they'll face off for Coach Xtina. Looking to see how far the two singers can stretch their sounds, Xtina and advisor Ed Sheeran choose the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun." Christina wants Briana to get at the song's blues inflections, while Ed encourages Jacquie to find a personal connection to the song. Onstage, the singers both seem to find an emotional connection, building on the song's solid folk underpinnings. The crowd thrills as they deliver the night's strongest battle yet. Torn but forced to choose, Christina follows her heart and picks Jacquie Lee. Briana's disappointment doesn't last for long, as CeeLo and Blake both hit their save buttons! Charmed by Blake's charismatic dimples (and winning track record), Briana chooses to join his team.

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Monday, October 14, 2013 - 20:00
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The Voice



Short Synopsis

With a trip to the knockout rounds at stake, the artists sing do-or-die duets for their coaches.