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The Battles, Part 4

The coaches return to the Voice stage, intent on making the final selections for their teams of eight. Tonight, six more pairs of artists will face off, with a trip to the knockouts on the line.

Shakira's got the first matchup, 19-year-old blues singer Brandon Roush against earthy Shawna P. Shakira's chosen a rock classic for them to duel over: "Piece of My Heart." Made famous by Janis Joplin, the song will stretch both performers like never before. The artists take their counsel from Shakira and her advisor, Joel Madden. The rehearsal is a bit bumpy, but by show time, both performers are ready. On the stage, both Brandon and Shawna grab the song by the throat. They trade verses and combine on harmonies and send the audience into a frenzy. It's a powerhouse showdown and the perfect way to start the night.

Shakira's fellow coaches are as blown away as she is; they offer positive feedback to both of singers. Shakira gives her take, praising Brandon for giving 150 percent and Shawna for her originality. Pressed for a decision, Shakira chooses Shawna.

The next battle finds Adam pitting Hawaiian folk singer Duncan Kamakana against soulful Sarah Simmons from Memphis. As they rehearse, advisor Hillary Scott pushes Duncan to go bigger in his approach, while Adam preaches control and sharing to Sarah. In rehearsal, they work up a sweet version of "Wanted It More."

They make their way to the stage and click right from the start. They trade verses effortlessly and then collaborate beautifully on the song's haunting chorus. It's a powerful performance and one that has Adam scratching his head over whom to pick. He deliberates at some length, but ultimately chooses Sarah.

We see a montage of battles next: Justin Rivers keeping his spot on Team Blake after battling The Morgan Twins on "Easy"; Adam's Amy Whitcomb just edging out Agina Alvarez after a rock hard battle on "Heartbreaker"; and Usher sticking with Michelle Chamuel after her faceoff with Chelsea M. over "Titanium."

We're down to the final battle. Shakira matches Mary Miranda and Cathia on one of her own songs, "Antes de las Seis." It's a tough but fitting choice for the two Latina singers. They work hard on the arranging and rehearsal, with Shakira and Joel Madden offering precious pieces of advice.

And then the battle is on. The lilting ballad offers both singers a showcase opportunity - and each takes advantage. They push the song to new heights for each of them, trading stanzas and combining for memorable harmonies. Shakira loves it. When the song ends, the other coaches question the wisdom of a coach choosing one of her own songs to judge her singers by. But Shakira is firm: the singers took her music to a new place, one that perfectly showcased their skills.

The moment of truth is at hand. Mary gets the pick from Shakira. Cathia has a very sweet set of parting words for Shakira. As she exits the stage, Usher dramatically punches in, burning his final save. He couldn't be happier - and neither could Cathia. He reminds her that he has had a No. 1 Latin record; he's hoping they can take her to new heights. With the battles complete and the teams set, the coaches retire, ready to face a whole new set of tough choices: the knockout rounds, commencing the next Monday.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 20:00
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The Voice



Short Synopsis

The final battles are waged as the coaches cut their teams to six.