Recap: Jimmy's Bet with the Montreal Canadiens

Recap: Jimmy's Bet with the Montreal Canadiens

Posted By Rachael Burke 05/19/2014

It's that time of the year for the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals. Jimmy's favorite NHL team, the New York Rangers, faced off against the Montreal Canadiens!  The Montreal Canadiens took to Twitter to challenge Jimmy to a bet before the Eastern Conference Final!

A few days ago, the Montreal Canadiens took to Twitter to challenge Jimmy to a bet before the Eastern Conference Final! May the best team win!

Jimmy immediately heard the Montreal Canadiens call to action and decided to mull it over.

The Montreal Canadiens didn't waste a minute! They challenged Jimmy's "Hmmm" and questioned his love for the Rangers!

Jimmy heard the Canadiens' suggestion and challenged them to up the ante.

In response, the Montreal Canadiens offered up a long list of suggestions for Jimmy to mull over.

However, Jimmy was not feelin' any of their ideas.

The Canadiens regrouped, and then opened the floor up to Jimmy for any exciting bet ideas that he may have.

Jimmy laid down his terms for the Canadiens.

The Montreal Canadiens accepted Jimmy's suggestions. FINALLY, the official deal between Jimmy and the Montreal Canadiens was struck! It's on, people!

Jimmy's confidence in the New York Rangers was evident. He even told the Montreal Canadiens where their mascot, Youppi!, should take their first picture should they lose the bet.

Jimmy sent some follow up tweets to some eager fans, clarifying the terms of the bet between him and the Montreal Canadiens.

The whole world watched and waited.

The bet became official.

Jimmy wished both of the teams luck, but mainly cheered the Rangers on, of course!

Jimmy had the Rangers back, but the Rangers also had Jimmy's back.

Jimmy lived up to his promise, Instagramming a picture of himself cheering on the Rangers in the series later that week!

The New York Rangers won their series against the Montreal Canadiens, and the Canadiens immediately sprung into action to hold up their end of the bargain. 

The Montreal Canadiens released ten disheartened photos of their mascot, Youppi!, wearing a "Fallon" New York Rangers jersey at various Montreal landmarks. Check them all out in our Youppi! photo gallery here!

Youppi! even rode on the mechanical bull at Chez Serge, Jimmy's personal photo request!

Jimmy was thrilled with the bet's outcome...

...And the Canadiens were content as well.

But the cherry on top was the last part of the bet, when the Montreal Canadiens had to change their Twitter avatar to the picture of Jimmy's choosing: a photo of New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist playing the Guns 'n Roses song “Sweet Child of Mine” on guitar!

Good luck to the remaining two teams in the Stanley Cup Finals!

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