Jimmy Takes the Polar Plunge in Chicago

Jimmy Takes the Polar Plunge in Chicago

Posted By Marina Cockenberg 03/03/2014

This weekend Jimmy answered Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel's challenge to join him in taking the Polar Plunge to raise awareness for the Special Olympics.  "Okay @RahmEmanuel," Jimmy tweeted "I'm in. Lake Michigan will have a New York fish this weekend. #SwimmyFallon"   Jimmy asked fellow Polar Plungers to show they support by doning a necktie. "Chicago - I'm wearing a suit and tie for the #PolarPlunge. Show solidarity by wearing a necktie. (I'm not telling you what else to wear.)"

A few days and a quick flight later, Jimmy arrived in Chicago to live up to his promise.


And at 10am, Jimmy, Rahm Emanuel and a couple thousand friends took the Polar Plunge! It. Was. Cold. So cold, that construction equipment had to be brought in the night before to break the layer of ice covering Lake Michigan. 


Thanks to everyone who showed their support by plunging, wearing ties or donating! If you'd like to learn more about Special Olympics Chicago, CLICK HERE: Special Olympics Chicago


"Officially PLUNGED!!!!! Thank you Chicago!!! Thank you Mayor. #polarplunge #coldneverbotheredmeanyway #frozen" - @jimmyfallon


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