Months after the documentary airs, office staffers from the past and present gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews.

Jim convinces Dwight he needs an Assistant to the Assistant Regional Manager.

Andy decides to pursue his acting career full time, and Dwight realizes a lifelong ambition.

The employees of Dunder Mifflin engage in a high-stakes paper airplane competition.

Dunder Mifflin goes haywire when Dwight shuts down the office elevator.

When promos for the documentary begin airing, the staff worries that their whole lives will be exposed.

Oscar accompanies Dwight to Schrute Farms for a funeral - and a shocking surprise.

Andy can't cope with a broken heart; Pam interviews for a job in Philly.

When Andy returns, Erin has a choice to make; a Valentine's Day sale has the staff coupling up.

Dwight and Pam hunt down the person who defaced Pam's warehouse mural; Darryl and Jim become unlikely roommates.

Dwight interviews candidates for a new sales position.

Dwight tries to dissuade Darryl from leaving, and Nellie puts Erin and Pete in charge of the company Facebook effort.

Dwight enlists Clark's help to land a big new customer; Darryl interviews at Jim's new company.

When Pam brings a lice infestation into the workplace, Dwight puts the office on lockdown.

Dwight takes a hold of the annual office Christmas party.

An incensed Angela seeks revenge on Oscar; Phyllis and Stanley put the squeeze on Jim.

Pam and Phyllis call a meeting to help Dwight better understand women.

Andy deals with a family crisis; the staff teams up for a prank on Dwight, and Kevin learns Oscar's secret.

Andy reunites with his a cappella group while Dwight deals with a drug scandal.

Escaping a magnetic field in the office, the gang spends the day on a work bus.

Andy's newfound blood relative connection to Michelle Obama causes quite a stir around the office.

Pam and Jim attend Roy's wedding, while Nellie and Dwight match wits and Clark makes a move on Erin.

A newly empowered Andy takes charge, dealing with a defiant Nellie and two new staffers.