The New Guys

S9 E109/20/12
A newly empowered Andy takes charge, dealing with a defiant Nellie and two new staffers.
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Roy's Wedding

S9 E209/27/12
Pam and Jim attend Roy's wedding, while Nellie and Dwight match wits and Clark makes a move on Erin.
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Andy's Ancestry

S9 E310/04/12
Andy's newfound blood relative connection to Michelle Obama causes quite a stir around the office.
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Work Bus

S9 E410/18/12
Escaping a magnetic field in the office, the gang spends the day on a work bus.
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Here Comes Treble

S9 E510/25/12
Just in time for Halloween, Andy reunites with his a cappella group while Dwight's on a mission to solve a drug scandal in the office.
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The Boat

S9 E611/08/12
Andy deals with a family crisis; the staff teams up for a prank on Dwight, and Kevin learns Oscar's secret.
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