Mike and Leigh's parents visit, turning Thanksgiving into a family free-for-all. Candice Bergen and Charles Grodin guest star.

Mike hatches a plot to return Ian to college while Annie organizes a girls' night out.

When Leigh gets bedbugs in her apartment, Mike brings her into his home and chaos ensues; Chris Christie guest stars.

When Mike and Annie go on a romantic getaway, Ian and Eve rent out their parents' place for profit! Meanwhile, Leigh gets a date... with Graham.

Mane Attraction

Feeling undermined by Mike, Annie takes revenge at Harris' annual karaoke party. Eve desperately wants to go to a rock concert, Ian wants his old room back, and Leigh is trying to use a puppy as bait to reel in hot men.

Music Worth Fighting For

Mike gets Eve an internship at his station in hopes of spending more time with her, but his workplace nemesis has other plans! Anne Heche guest stars.

Master of the Ice Planet

When an old newsroom nemesis grabs the anchor chair, Mike takes the gloves off. Anne Heche guest stars.

Art Heist!

Discovering nude portraits in their teenage daughter's art portfolio turns Mike and Annie from progressive parents into prudish art thieves.

Attractive Nuisance

At Annie's request, Mike confronts a noisy (and attractive) upstairs neighbor who seems to develop a bit of a crush on him.

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Series Premiere. After battling Parkinson's disease, newsman Mike Henry is ready to return to his old station.