The Chopping Block

About the Show

Celebrated chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White (UK's "Hell's Kitchen") serves up a new original cooking competition series "The Chopping Block," in which the British Michelin star chef offers neophyte hopeful chefs/restaurateurs a chance to compete in America's greatest restaurant challenge. "The Chopping Block" will expose the unseen pitfalls and behind-the-scenes madness that goes into opening a restaurant -- with a grand prize of $250,000. The controversial and unpredictable White represents the contestants' best chance to make their dreams come true, as he is one of the world's most notable chefs and restaurateurs and they will all be under his critical eye.

The heat is on when White ushers the contestants -- split into two teams of four couples each -- to two empty restaurant spaces, side-by-side, in the middle of Manhattan. There, they are given less than a week to accomplish a multitude of tasks, including a design and makeover of each space, planning a menu, and generating buzz-worthy publicity to ensure a crowd on opening night. Both establishments will open at the same time and will be competing for the same customers -- against 26,000 other restaurants in the world's busiest (and hungriest) city.

In each episode, noted food critics will be assigned to observe the chaos that inevitably unfolds on opening night and after the dust has settled, White will return with the reviews. The worst-performing team will have to plead their case -- because one couple will be asked to remove their aprons as they are sent home.