Season Finale Part I
One finalist runs a golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin, while the other plans a Liza Minnelli concert.

The remaining four must write, direct, produce and star in segments selling Isaac Mizrahi products for QVC.

As the competition narrows, the candidates must produce 30-second spots for FLO TV and AT&T Mobile.

Kim Kardashian steps in as a guest judge when the teams create in-store displays for her new fragrance.

One project manager obsesses over a model and the other strips down to make a racy fashion advertorial.

Kristin Chenoweth guest stars when the teams are tasked with staging a backer's audition for two upcoming musicals.

The teams must run pedicab tours, leading one candidate to beg Mr. Trump to fire a teammate.

Both teams face potential disaster during a fashion show task, leading to the most explosive boardroom ever.

A drama arises behind the scenes during a task to create a viral video for Popcorn Indiana.

After taking over a dog daycare and spa, the candidates are visited by "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan.

One team sabotages the other as they sell ice cream on the streets of New York City.

Trump introduces the return of the original Apprentice, focusing this season on offering a second chance to talented candidates who found themselves struggling when the recession hit.