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Week 9

The candidates outside the boardroom try to guess who will be fired. Clint asks Anand, the one team member from Fortitude who avoided the boardroom, if he wouldn't rather get rid of Stephanie. Anand responds, "I'd rather get rid of all of you to be honest." Finally Stephanie and Poppy come out of the boardroom. Poppy says that she's happy to have gotten rid of David, who is a "distraction," and that she, Stephanie and Anand will be very strong together. Clint asks them who's going to step up now that there's a "creative void" on their team. Anand thinks Clint is just trying to get to him, and feels that he - Anand - was the creative force on the men's team. He tells Clint that he'll eat his words when they're in the finals together. But Clint, in interview, says he doesn't expect to see Anand make it that far.

Trump brings the candidates into the boardroom for a special announcement. He tells them that Anand had been texting friends during the pedicab task, asking them to come to Trump Tower and, pretending not to know him, pay them $50 for the pedicab rides. At first Anand denies it, but after Trump reads one of the texts out loud it's obvious that Anand is guilty. Everyone is shocked, and Clint in particular can't stop shaking his head in disbelief. Trump asks Anand why he lied about it, and Anand says that he just really wanted to win. Trump tells Anand that he's all about doing whatever it takes to succeed, but in this case, Anand crossed the line. Trump adds that it's this kind of behavior on Wall Street that got our country in the mess it's currently in. Then he says "Anand, you're fired."

The remaining candidates talk about Anand's firing. Clint apologizes to the women for what happened, and expresses his disbelief that Anand would take that chance. Steuart, interviewed, says that Anand was a key player and that this changes the game entirely. Stephanie for her part says, "Now it's two against four!" She's happy to work with Poppy and thinks they complement each other well. She's only "hoping to God" that Liza doesn't get put on their team.

Contrary to Stephanie's hopes, Trump immediately puts Liza on the team with her and Poppy. Liza's unhappy about the situation as well, saying that something about Stephanie ruins a team dynamic. She considers it her role to get Stephanie kicked off the competition. Trump introduces Stephen Nussdorf, the head of Perfumania, the largest specialty retailer of celebrity fragrances. Mr. Nussdorf introduces the new task: designing and constructing an in-store display for Kim Kardashian's new fragrance. Clint will be project manager for Octane, and Poppy will be project manager for Fortitude.

Fortitude starts planning. Poppy thinks that they, as three women, have the advantage in a task about perfume. Stephanie suggests that as part of the display they should have a life-size picture of Kim Kardashian designed so that people can have their pictures taken with it, and both Poppy and Liza think this is a great idea. Stephanie, interviewed, says that Poppy has no business experience and Liza has no brain, so this is her "with dumb and dumber." Poppy - unaware of Stephanie's true feelings - is just happy to be off and running so quickly with what she considers a great idea.

Octane heads right to the store that they are being given for their display. Clint admits that he's relying on Brandy, as the one woman on the team, to provide a feminine perspective, but worries that she's checked out and gone AWOL. She tells Clint and Steuart that she's not as feminine as the other three, but Clint isn't buying it, saying, "This is the same Brandy who was almost naked lying on a bed in a man's shirt giving an 'oo la la' shot for Mr. Trump's clothes? Give me a break." Brandy for her part is well aware that if the team loses, Steuart and Clint will point the finger at her. But this awareness isn't helping her in any way come up with an idea, and if anything is just making her draw a blank.

Fortitude is out gathering materials for their display. They plan on lots of sequins to catch the light, and Poppy is really happy about this because she loves pink and sparkles. Stephanie thinks this will push the feminine aspect and that the men are definitely not thinking this way. Liza doesn't want the display to look bedazzled, and would prefer it look very "expensive" and to represent the fragrance. But she keeps her thoughts to herself. They meet with their construction team, and Liza is assigned to work with them while Stephanie and Poppy go shopping. Alone, Stephanie admits to Poppy how she was dreading shopping alone with Liza. She warns Poppy that they need to establish whose ideas were whose. They both feel that Liza sometimes takes credit in the boardroom for ideas that are not her own.

Steuart and Clint get together with their construction workers. Clint takes the lead, saying that he has plenty of experience with construction. Their plan is to build a kind of stylized vanity framed with light bulbs containing bottles of her perfume. Brandy meanwhile is at Trump Tower working with their graphic designer on banners and promotional items for the display, including scent strips, promotional postcards and the like. While she's working, Ivanka stops by. Brandy says the team is doing well, but that she worries a little because Steuart and Clint are very buddy-buddy and she feels a little like the odd man out. Also, she worries about carrying the responsibility of being the woman on a female-centric project, and therefore being the one to blame if it doesn't work out.

Don visits Stephanie and Poppy who are working with their graphic designer. Don asks them why Liza is alone with the construction workers. Poppy says Liza volunteered, but Don laughs and points out that it works out for Stephanie and there's no love lost between her and Liza. Stephanie laughs as well but says, "No comment." Don thinks they're pretty obviously hanging Liza out to dry if they don't win. A worn-out Brandy visits the men at Octane's construction site. Clint is blown away when they turn on the pink-gelled lights in the display, saying, "Katy bar the door, it took my breath away." Brandy is less impressed, saying it wasn't what she envisioned, and that it's hard to compete with three women on a task like this. She will consider a win a big victory for them.

Poppy and Stephanie get back to the construction site, and are both very happy when they see the pieces of the display coming together. Poppy thinks the wood pieces look great, and in interview says, "Yay Liza, you did something right! I don't have to bitch you out in the boardroom!" Liza on the other hand is seriously disappointed by the sequins, jewels and boas that Stephanie and Poppy brought back to hang on the display. She considers the paste jewelry tacky. When she tells Stephanie she doesn't want it to look like a "craft project," Stephanie suggests using the boa they bought instead. But Liza says even the boas looked "like they came from malnourished ostriches."

Fortitude, very pleased with their final product, make their presentation to Stephen Nussdorf and Kim Kardashian. Poppy explains that they were trying to capture the tagline which is "the voluptuous new fragrance," and tells Kim that she "embodies femininity and just gorgeous exuding beauty." Kim thanks her, but Stephanie, worried that Poppy is gushing too much, tries to bring the presentation back to business. She talks about how customers can take pictures of themselves with the cutout of Kim, making it interactive. Kim and Stephen think this is a great idea, and tell the women that they did a good job. Poppy is convinced that she and Kim Kardashian have similar taste, and thinks that Kim and Stephen ate it up.

Clint is very happy with their display, saying "I had a tear in my eye" when he saw the perfume bottles tucked into the display's pink/lavender lighting, and even thinks that it's the top perfume display in all of Times Square. Steuart is surprised to see Kim Kardashian accompanying Stephen Nussdorf for the presentation. He says, "She's hot! She's super-hot!" and admits that he completely lit up when he saw her. Making the presentation, Clint explains to her that they are trying to draw customers in with the soft lighting, and that the customer will be enticed as well by the "living video" of Kim at the top of the display. The two men feel very good about the presentation, but Brandy is more reserved, saying, "hopefully we end with a win." If they lose, she's sure she'll be the one under the bus.

Trump meets with Kim and Stephen to discuss their thoughts. Kim offers greetings from her sister Khloe, who had been on a season of Celebrity Apprentice. She says that she thought Clint's team, Octane, was very organized, and their display was well thought-out, clean and very inviting. With Fortitude's display, Stephen liked the fact that you could take a picture of yourself with an image of Kim, and that it was a fun element they could definitely use in the store. Kim agrees. Trump gathers that they found both teams very creative, but they definitely liked one display more than the other. Kim says, "Absolutely." Trump asks Stephen to name the winner.

In the boardroom, Trump, after telling Clint he's the last person he'd picture working with perfume or Kim Kardashian, asks him how they did. Clint thinks they did great, and credits Steuart with coming up with the lighting concept that Clint thinks pushed their display over the top. Much as Brandy had feared, Clint says he was a little disappointed with her contribution. Ivanka asks Clint exactly what he expected from her. Clint, admitting that he doesn't know what women like, said he was relying on Brandy for a feminine perspective. Brandy says that she 100% delivered on the task, and felt constrained coming into a team where the two men had built up such camaraderie. Ivanka points out that Brandy voiced this concern to her. Steuart likewise says Brandy did good while Clint did great.

Poppy tells Trump that they did wonderfully. She feels they touched on the essence of who Kim Kardashian is. Poppy says she's really proud with both Liza and Stephanie's contributions. Trump asks Don and Ivanka to show the teams each other's display. Trump asks Liza what she thinks of Octane's display. Without hesitation, she says she thinks they did a great job. Trump is struck by the conviction behind her approval of the competing team's product. When Trump asks the other team what they think of the women's display, Brandy says she prefers her own team's display, saying Fortitude's looks like "arts and crafts" and Clint thinks it looks "cheap."

Prompted by Trump, Don tells Fortitude that the judges thought their display looked cheap and kitschy, and the sequins and boas looked juvenile and conflicted with the brand and the sophistication level they were trying to attain. Trump then asks Ivanka to read the judges' comments about Octane's display. Ivanka says that Kim and Stephen loved the clean lines and thought it was elegant and fit the space really well. Kim particularly loved the pink and lavender background lighting. They thought the display was sophisticated and understated, and resonated with the perfume itself. Trump tells Clint his team won and that it wasn't even close. As winning project manager, he will meet with Barry Sternlicht, the founder of Starwood Hotels. Then he tells them to leave the boardroom.

Trump tells Poppy he really found their display tacky, and that he thought Octane's display was substantially better. In fact, he says, the judges liked Octane's so much they're going to use it for the actual display. Ivanka says Fortitude's was just too much. Trump asks Poppy who came up with the sequins and the boas. She admits that she did. Then he asks her why he should fire Stephanie over her. She's a little surprised by the question, but in answer says that Stephanie backed her all the way on her idea. Trump points out, it's still her idea. Liza says that she thought Poppy's original idea was terrific but that the execution looked "high schooly, sorority" instead of looking sophisticated as she'd hoped.

Don asks Liza if she felt isolated, handling a big part of the task with the production team while Poppy and Stephanie were elsewhere. Poppy explained that she was tactically separating Liza and Stephanie, since they don't get along. Trump asks why this is so. Liza says that Stephanie is always blaming her for not contributing, and Stephanie says coincidentally, that happens to be the case. Trump says there was one thing the judges liked, the cutout of Kim Kardashian that customers could take a picture with. Stephanie takes credit for the idea, but Liza says it was Poppy's idea and Poppy silently agrees. Ivanka asks Poppy why she's not being more forceful in taking ownership of the one good idea. She says she doesn't like to speak over others. Trump tells her she better start because she's going to be fired very soon.

Trump asks Stephanie why she attacks Liza. Stephanie says that Liza never contributes. Don asks Stephanie how Liza could have contributed when she was left behind with the production team. He also asks Liza why she's not more loudly taking credit for the one idea the judges liked. Stephanie says that's because it was her idea, not Poppy's, but Poppy disagrees. Finally Trump asks Poppy whom she would fire. She says Stephanie. Ivanka asks her how she can fault Stephanie, when Stephanie was supporting her idea? Trump asks Poppy if it isn't true that the main problem with the display, the sequins and boas, was her idea. She admits they were. "Poppy," Trump concludes, "you're fired." When the women leave, Trump explains, "She was very nice, but she was the project manager and they lost."

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Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 09:00
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The Celebrity Apprentice

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Kim Kardashian steps in as a guest judge when the teams create in-store displays for her new fragrance.