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Week 8

Because of what he sees as Mahsa's betrayal the previous week, the men's win is bittersweet for Clint. On the other hand, Brandy is happy that Mahsa's gone and is frankly delighted to have been the one to bring her down. Anand starts aggressively calling Stephanie out for lying to Mr. Trump in the boardroom, and for not owning the missteps on the marketing portion of the previous task. He concludes by calling her "classless." She tells him to "shut the f*** up," and asks what right he has to call her out when he wasn't there and doesn't know what he's talking about. He tells her that she apparently needed to convince herself that she's innocent. She's done that, so he sarcastically congratulates her. Stephanie fumes, saying she never wants to work with someone like him.

As winning project manager, Steuart gets to meet with Larry Young, CEO of Snapple. Steuart is very happy about the meeting, as he's interested in distribution himself. He hopes that Mr. Young might distribute one of his brands one day.

Trump meets with the players in front of Macy's and changes out the teams. Brandy and Liza go with Clint and Steuart, leaving David, Poppy, and more interestingly, Stephanie and Anand working together. Trump introduces the president and chairman of Macy's, Terry Lundgren. Macy's sells a line of Donald Trump's signature clothing. The task this week is to design a four-page advertisement for the clothing line: shirts, ties and cuff links. Terry Lundgren will judge the advertisements on three criteria: creativity, brand integration, and overall presentation. Trump's advisors for the task are his sons Donald Jr. and Eric. The teams pick their leaders, David for his team, and Brandy for hers. Trump warns the task is very personal for him, so they need to impress him.

Fortitude, now comprised of David, Poppy, Stephanie and Anand, plans their attack. As PM, David considers Anand and Poppy the experts on fashion in the group, and Anand suggests their concept: everything will be in black and white, except for the shirts and ties, which will be in color. David thinks the concept will be both original and classy. Octane, which is now Clint, Brandy, Liza and Steuart, plans a different approach. Brandy proposes something very sexual, a morning-after tableau with a woman on a bed wearing men's clothing. Clint suggests using the words "power," "sex," and "wealth," in the presentation, but Liza's uncomfortable with the word sex and Brandy agrees. They'll suggest it without saying it. Most of the team is excited, but Brandy's worried this isn't what Trump had in mind.

Steuart and Brandy go to the Trump Soho to meet their models, but when they get there, there are no models to be seen. Concerned about time, Steuart and Brandy decide that they will be the bedroom models, and use the other models for extra stuff if necessary. Steuart considers himself to be pretty good-looking, and feels that Trump will be okay with him taking on modeling duties. Clint's concerned that there's a lot of risk involved. The models show up for Fortitude's project. David immediately zeroes in on the first guy through the door, whom he considers "regal and youthful," getting positively giggly over the model, saying he's "awesome!" Anand talks about David getting some kind of "man crush" on the model.

Eric Trump visits Octane. He applauds Brandy for taking on the additional work as model for the shoot, although he thinks it means she risks not having enough time to handle the rest of her duties. He also worries that with the sexy look of the shoot, they might be pushing things too close to the edge, and not taking the Trump image into consideration enough. Team Fortitude goes ahead with their shoot. Stephanie gives David a lot of encouragement, and David continues to think they've scored with their choice of model. But Anand and Poppy are worried about the fact that the model's neck is small, making the shirt collar look too big.

Brandy explains their concept of a day in the life of a "Trump-type" man: he wakes up with a woman, goes to the boardroom, then goes to happy hour at night. Brandy and Steuart do the photo shoot, but Brandy acknowledges that as a "really conservative person," plus not having shaved her legs, and wearing "granny panties," she was a little uncomfortable when the photographer asked her to do sexy looks. But she thinks she and Steuart have a look to which others will relate. Returning from an errand with Clint, Liza's a little surprised to see them shooting on the bed, and again worries that the shoot is little sexier than what Mr. Trump is probably looking for.

David gets upset when Poppy and Anand, tasked with taking some photos at Trump Bar, run out of time to order food for the models. Donald Trump Jr. stops by to check on the team's progress, and is surprised to find Anand ordering lunch for the models at nearly 5:00 p.m. He thinks they're looking at potential problems by not feeding their models. But Poppy thinks David is making too big a deal of the food situation, and complains about the "bug up his a**."

Putting the advertorial together, Poppy suggests that the last page be a "T" made out of the products that the advertorial is selling, and David agrees. While reviewing the photos from the shoot, David gets upset when Anand hovers over his shoulder offering his thoughts, and asks to be left alone. Anand agrees, and as he leaves, pats David on the chest. David tells Anand if he touches him again, he'll drop him, and tells the woman showing him the photos, "I hate that m*therf*cker." Anand says that he was just trying to help, and if David wants to go burning in flames, that's his business. He adds that Trump is not in the business of rehabbing lost causes, which is exactly what he thinks of David.

Brandy stumbles during her presentation for Octane and acknowledges that if they lose, she's to blame. David delivers the presentation for Fortitude, saying that he just likes to "go and let it all out" without rehearsing. The judges are a little concerned about the "raciness" of Octane's advertorial, and Cathy Glosser, Trump's brand executive, takes slight exception to Brandy referring to the line as the Trump Collection when it is the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection. They like the boldness of Fortitude's color scheme, with the black and white of the models contrasting with the color of the clothes. However, Terry Lundgren points out that the models don't quite fit in their clothes. They also both think that the photos of the products are too small on the last page. Overall they think both teams did well, making for a tough decision.

In the boardroom, Trump presses Clint on whether he's happy to be working without David, but Clint will only say that he really likes working with Liza and Brandy. They've brought a lot of insight that the team sorely lacked. Clint thinks Steuart did well as the face of the advertorial, embodying all three elements of the Trump brand: wealth, power and sexual prowess. Trump points out that the last one is the most important; without that, the rest of it doesn't matter. As everyone laughs, Clint's quick to agree.

Trump asks David who was the weakest member on the team. David says that Poppy's involvement was the most limited, and while he hates to call her "Poppy the Puppy," she seemed to just follow Anand around on the tasks they were given together. Poppy responds by saying that David talked to her in a very demeaning way, and that when they were working on the final page of the advertorial, he told her to "entertain" the models. David said it wasn't just entertaining the models, it was getting them food as well.

Anand points out David's "man crush" on one of the models, and how there was something a little homoerotic about it. Anand says he didn't mean to insinuate that David was gay, but Trump says maybe he was. He adds there's no shame in being gay, that he's known men married 20 years that suddenly leave with a man. As the room dissolves in laughter, Trump asks David if he's gay and if he's coming out. David says, "Not at all." He's "100% sure" he's not coming out.

Trump has the teams trade advertorials. Poppy says she likes the addition of numerous Trump items in Octane's ad, but she prefers Fortitude's color scheme, pointing out that they actually include the full line on the back page of the advertorial. Clint says Fortitude's ad leaves him wanting. Trump points out that David's favorite model looks great, but that his neck is too small for his shirt. He asks David why they picked a shirt that was two or three sizes too big for the model. Poppy complains that David should have given them more jurisdiction when picking the model. Once he'd decided on the one model, he wouldn't budge.

Trump tells Brandy that she's very prudish, and although she's beautiful, she doesn't seem to like the outward "sex thing." He wonders how she felt about doing the ad herself. She says that when the models didn't show up, she and Steuart felt like it was necessary to take on the task themselves. He shocks the room by asking her point blank if she's having an affair with Steuart. She very calmly answers that she's not; she prefers older men. Trump says, "That was a very smart answer," and Donald Trump Jr. laughs and says "You're hired!" cracking everyone up.

Trump asks David if he still thinks they won. David says he's very confident they did. Trump says, "Well, you didn't." He points out that Terry Lundgren liked Octane's ad so much, he's actually going to use it in a major Macy's campaign. He congratulates Brandy and the team, and says that she'll be meeting with Terry Lundgren as the winning project manager. He sends Octane out of the room, and tells Fortitude to stay in the room. Someone will be fired.

Trump tells David that he was a little disappointed in the ad. While he acknowledges that the model is a good-looking guy, the biggest glaring mistake in the ad is that he doesn't fit in the shirt. David takes responsibility. Trump asks Poppy why she didn't protest louder about the lack of a fit, but she says that David wouldn't listen. Then Trump tells Poppy that the judge's least favorite aspect of the ad was the last page, and that Poppy had said she was responsible for it. If this is true, why shouldn't he fire her? Stephanie defends herself, saying that David had a definite vision, and while he didn't pick the pictures they used, it was ultimately his decision to include that page.

Trump asks Anand if he should fire Poppy. Anand says absolutely not. He says that after Anand and Poppy executed David's very clear vision, David completely shunned input on picking the pictures that were included. Don points out that the pictures chosen for the last page were chosen by Poppy, and that was the judges' least favorite page. Trump finally asks David who can leave the room. Surprisingly, considering their personal animosity, David picks Anand to leave the room. He justifies the decision by saying that Stephanie fully supported his decisions, and now for her to say he should be fired over Poppy "who did nothing" is ridiculous. Trump sends Anand out of the room.

Trump explains that David has to know that as project manager, he's going to be in a tough position if they lose. David acknowledges this, adding that if the first three pages that he was responsible for were good, and the judges didn't like the last page that wasn't his, then he has a bit of an out. Trump points out that as boss, the final product rests with David. He asks if David is the boss, and David answers that yes, he is. "David," Trump responds, "you're fired." David tells Trump that it's been a pleasure, and he's had the time of his life. Trump thanks him, telling him he did himself proud, then says, "Now get the hell outta here." David gets farewell hugs from Stephanie and Poppy. Stephanie tells him he's a gentleman. David gets on the elevator and leaves.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 21:00
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The Celebrity Apprentice

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One project manager obsesses over a model and the other strips down to make a racy fashion advertorial.