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Week 4

While the teams await the return of the survivors from the boardroom, Steuart defends his criticism of David to his teammates, explaining that part of why they lost was David's insubordination in front of the client. He has zero respect for David. When David and Wade return, David immediately launches into Steuart, saying what Steuart did was BS. Interviewed, David asserts that he doesn't handle disrespect very well. Based on his boardroom vow to Trump, Wade says he would like to be project manager, but Clint has already declared his intent to the team. Clint makes fun of the "wimpy and weak" way Wade tried to fight for the project manager job. Wade justifies letting Clint be project manager, claiming he didn't want to go into a task with bad feelings.

As winning project manager, Tyana meets with Russell Simmons, head of Def Jam Records and a number of successful fashion lines. He gives her advice on starting her own business, beginning with a well-composed plan, then getting people behind it. Tyana's especially impressed by his insistence that "we all breathe the same air as a billionaire." After the interview, Mr. Simmons gives Tyana an envelope from Trump. Inside is a $10,000 egift card awarded to her from Calvin Klein. Tyana wells up as she reads the letter accompanying the card.

Trump meets with the teams at Trump Tower to discuss the new task. He talks about how big the popcorn business is, then introduces Hitesh Hajarnavis, the CEO of Popcorn, Indiana. Hitesh tells them that their task will be to create a viral video to sell Popcorn, Indiana products. The team creating the best video will win. Ivanka tells them that they will be working with Charlie Todd, the founder of Improv Everywhere and a master creator of viral video. Clint introduces himself as the project manager for the men, saying it's clear the men need to get re-inspired after last week's disheartening task. Mahsa will be project manager for the women.

The teams meet with Charlie Todd. He shows the men a video of the No Pants Subway Ride 2009, an event where pranksters took off their pants en masse on the subway, then stood or sat casually as if everything were normal. The video has over 2,000,000 views on YouTube. Clint's takeaway is that the video should be unstaged, uncontrived, and they have to "go big, or go home." Fortitude works on their video. Tyana disagrees with every idea the women come up with. Kelly says that all Tyana does is complain without offering any ideas of her own. The women decide to make a video of someone working out at a gym while plowing through a huge bag of popcorn. Mahsa assigns Liza, Tyana and Poppy to go take care of outfits, explaining that they aren't contributing to the creative.

Concerned that Popcorn, Indiana is a family-friendly company and kids will be seeing this on the internet, Wade thinks the men's idea for a big fight with bags of popcorn on a busy New York sidewalk is not a good idea. As the men are planning the video, David looses half his tooth eating a bagel. Clint tells him to go the dentist, no worries. Interviewed, Steuart says he would have stuck around regardless. David could have respected the team and gone to the dentist after the task was done. If they lose, Steuart considers David a goner. That said, Steuart is overjoyed David won't be there.

The women set up the video with 20 extras at Gold's Gym. The set-up will be one guy on a treadmill eating a huge bag of popcorn while the people around him on the other machines are staring at him. When Liza, Tyana and Poppy return, Mahsa assigns them to film with Flip cams. Tyana's convinced that Mahsa is doing this strategically so that she can bring the two of them into the boardroom if Fortitude fails the task.

The men start planning their video in front of Trump Tower. Steuart will act as a prankster, pelting innocent bystanders with bags of popcorn to drag them into a massive popcorn "pillow fight." After hearing the idea, Ivanka is skeptical about its potential to "cause a blaze" on the internet. Still, Clint gets excited by the large crowd they attract for the shoot despite the rain. Wade admits the shoot is a huge risk in case Popcorn, Indiana doesn't find it funny, but gives Clint credit for – win or lose – taking the risk. Don visits the women at Gold's Gym while Mahsa shoots their video and is impressed with her as a director. He notices that a couple of team members are a little "MIA" and suspects this might be because she's taking too much control.

While Fortitude is busy editing their video, laughing at the different shots they're putting together, Tyana sits apart, clearly unhappy with what she's seeing. She suggests they reshoot to get funnier footage, saying she doesn't think what's there is working. Mahsa's convinced Tyana is acting this way just so she can have something to bring up in the board room if they lose. But Tyana swears she's only asking for something different because she really doesn't like what she sees and can't understand how Fortitude will win with the footage they have.

Hitesh, the CEO of Popcorn, Indiana, and Charlie Todd gather to watch the videos. Charlie thinks the women's video is pretty good. The contrast between the gym and eating popcorn is funny, but he wonders if it goes far enough. The men's video gets Charlie laughing, and Hitesh likes the "to be continued…" after the popcorn fight. Charlie does wonder about the violence, and whether from a brand perspective you want the message that "if you like our product you'll go hit people in the face with it." But he thinks they're both good, and the CEO agrees.

In the boardroom, Clint tells Trump that he does think they won - they "went big" and succeeded. Anand thinks Clint did a great job as project manager. Trump asks Wade why he wasn't PM, so he explains that the men had already decided to make Clint project manager, and Wade didn't want to start the new task with bad blood. Trump asks Steuart if David was a distraction on the task. Steuart explains that David wasn't there for most of it because of his trip to the dentist when the bagel took out his tooth. Trump then asks Steuart if he thought they were better off without David, and Steuart agrees, saying "Well, David wasn't there, so we had an excellent team."

After Mahsa tells Trump that she's very confident that they won, Trump asks the women if any of them disagree. Tyana raises her hand. Mahsa immediately scoffs, saying Tyana was "the weakest member of the team," who didn't help with anything on the project. Tyana defends herself. She didn't think her team was getting the idea of a viral video. Mahsa attacks her, asking – repeatedly – "What was your idea, Tyana, what was your idea?" Trump asks Tyana if she thinks they lost and she says yes, shocking her teammates.

Trump asks to watch the videos. After the women's video, Trump asks Mahsa if she's still happy with it and she says yes. Steuart insists that it missed the point of creating an event, which he claims the men's video did. Then they watch Octane's video. Mahsa immediately criticizes it, saying she's not impressed; it's disrespectful to the product and it's not an event. Trump finds it interesting that Tyana laughed during the men's video. Mahsa says it's because Tyana is "evil," but Tyana says that it was definitely more of an event than theirs. The men jump on this, saying that while they shot it, they literally shut down 5th Avenue - in the middle of rush hour no less.

Trump asks Ivanka to give the pros and cons of the men's video. She says the client loved the fact that it made him laugh out loud, that it was so spontaneous, and that it was such a big event. On the downside, the client thought the company's tagline got lost in the mayhem and they were a bit violent with the product. For the women, Don says the client thought the concept was fun and liked the irony of a guy working out while eating popcorn. But he also felt that it was too casual and contrived, that it didn't feel "guerrilla," and that they didn't push it far enough. In the end, Trump tells them that the client gave the men the win. As winning project manager, Clint will get to meet with publisher Steve Forbes. Trump congratulates the men and sends them out of the room.

Tyana defends liking the men's video more, saying it was more of an event like a viral video should be. Ivanka agrees with her. Mahsa tries to defend herself, saying she didn't have a lot of time to prepare. Ivanka asks if Mahsa's a bad time manager since the men had exactly the same amount of time. Trump points out that the gym was also their choice of location. Mahsa says she tried delegating direction to Tyana, Liza and Poppy. Don asks why she would do that when she knew Tyana was opposed to the concept. Thinking Mahsa's going to blame the loss on her in part, Liza claims the loss had to do with Mahsa's bad management. Trump asks Mahsa if Liza was the reason they lost and she says no. Liza wasn't around during the crucial moment; it was Tyana.

Mahsa suggests that she didn't have any help when the film was being made. Trump asks if she did it all by herself and they lost, why shouldn't he fire her? When he asks Stephanie who she would fire, and she says Tyana, explaining Tyana only criticized without bringing up her own ideas. Don asks if Mahsa was too controlling or if she would listen to other's ideas. When Liza suggests Mahsa was too controlling and didn't listen, Stephanie adamantly insists Liza's wrong, claiming Mahsa allowed everyone to collaborate creatively on the project.

Trump asks Brandy to help him out by giving her opinion. Brandy says she was taught, "Don't come to me with your problems unless you have a solution." Trump takes this to mean Tyana was against their idea but didn't bring any ideas of her own, and the women all agree. Brandy adds that she thought Mahsa did a great job. Trump points out that under Mahsa's management their team lost, and Tyana didn't like the idea. Brandy admits this, but points out that Tyana didn't come up with another solution. Trump agrees.

When Trump asks Liza who she would fire, everyone's shocked, including the men watching outside the boardroom. After a pause, Liza says she would fire Tyana. Anand suggests she did it because she's afraid of Mahsa. Kelly tells Trump that it's a fundamental obligation in business not to check out, and insists Tyana did. Poppy agrees that during the editing process Tyana didn't offer a lot of support. Don stresses that Fortitude lost because of their idea - the video wasn't extreme enough. He points out that when he was there during filming, Mahsa specifically asked the actors to be less extreme. Finally, Trump tells Mahsa to pick two others to join her in the boardroom and she chooses Liza and Tyana. Outside the boardroom, the three women wait in tense silence to return for the firing.

The three women return. Mahsa lays out her case against Tyana, concluding that all the women suggested that Tyana be fired. Trump agrees, this is true. Don asks Liza if she agrees that Tyana should be fired. Liza says that in the end when the manager assigns a task, you show up and do it. Tyana insists she did show up. Liza says, yes, she showed up, and then sat in the corner contributing nothing. Mahsa asks Tyana why if she had this tremendous vision, didn't she share it? Tyana claims she didn't have a vision, but she could tell the concept wasn't good. Trump clarifies: the client actually did like the idea, he just thought it wasn't brought far enough.

Tyana insists she tried steering the team in a different direction, she just didn't like the concept. Ivanka reminds her that the client liked the concept, he just didn't think it went far enough. Trump agrees, pointing out that it was not a slaughter, that the client wanted the women's video just a little more extreme. The fact that every woman suggested firing Tyana tells him something. There's nothing Trump hates more than a critic who knocks someone who's working their ass off, when they don't have an idea themselves. Her problem, he says, is that she didn't have an idea. "Tyana," he says, "You're fired," then dismisses the women. An emotional Tyana heads for the exit and her cab ride home. In the boardroom, the Trumps discuss how tough this particular firing was.

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A drama arises behind the scenes during a task to create a viral video for Popcorn Indiana.