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Week 3

Still reeling from the boardroom, Liza refuses to celebrate with the other women. Stephanie tells her to stop shouting at everyone; this is no way to react. Interviewed, Stephanie talks about how hard Liza is to work with, and that she should just shut up and learn from the criticism. Liza talks about how – with her family depending on her – she just feels the need to be the aggressive person who built her business from the ground up. Meanwhile, Clint talks about making it special for the boardroom survivors, so everyone cheers when James and David walk back in. James realizes the men don't like the way he operates. He needs to watch his back.

As winning project manager, Poppy meets with Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE. Trump introduces the new task: running a hotel and spa for dogs. In addition the teams will need to develop a value-add for customers. Donald Trump Jr. tells them they'll be judged on three criteria: execution, creativity and sustainability of the value-add, and overall experience. Ivanka explains they'll also be visited by the world-famous "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan, who will be acting as a judge along with the hotel owners. James volunteers as project manager, news that David greets with sarcastic glee. Nothing makes him happier than the idea of sending James home. For the women, Tyana volunteers as project manager.

In the men's van, Wade says that as a long-time dog owner who's spent thousands of dollars on professional care, one thing he would love to see as a value-add would be a webcam that would allow him to see how his animal is doing. Clint says that's the winning idea, and everyone agrees. In the women's van, Mahsa and Tyana argue over being receptionist. Mahsa argues that she's worked for her mom as a receptionist for 15 years. Furthermore, she isn't an animal person. For her part, Tyana considers herself - as Miss Cougar California and someone who "fills a room" – the natural choice as receptionist, and assigns herself the role. Mahsa does not take this well and accuses Tyana of being a "jealous cow."

James and the men get to the dog hotel, where one of the owners Naresh leads them into a conference room. James feels that as a lawyer, he's coming from a different place than the other men, and starts the task by apologizing for not taking the men's initiatives more seriously, and promising to start doing so now. Anand says that none of the men respect James; apologizing isn't going to help. While James asks the owner about how the hotel is run, David asks if the owners can establish how discipline is administered. James dismisses the question, which annoys David, prompting him to walk away from the table. James walks to David, telling him they need to work together as a team, but David insists that part of managing a team involves respecting contributions from the team members.

The women meet Dale, the other owner of the dog daycare. They start by asking him what the slow day is. He says Tuesday. Stephanie suggests having their value-add be a promotional day on Tuesdays called Tail Wag Tuesdays, offering an upgraded package, a gift bag with doggie treats and a report card on the dog's day. It's cheap and easy to do. Tyana divides the duties among the women. Mahsa continues to be upset for not being considered as receptionist and insists, when interviewed, that it's time for Tyana to just go home.

The men come up with the idea for a doorman at a fancy entrance to the hotel. James divides the tasks. Ignoring Wade's extensive experience with doggie day care, James assigns him to decorate the entrance. Wade thinks this is a huge waste of his experience, and he considers James an "educated idiot." Naresh, the owner of the dog hotel asks if he can start training the men. James blows him off and asks for two more minutes to divvy out tasks. Naresh walks out saying, "Ever heard the expression 'a dollar waiting on a dime?'" Clint points out that Naresh is saying that he, Naresh, is the dollar and that they're the little dimes. This does not bode well, since Naresh is one of their judges. The other men are upset with James for angering the owner as well.

Don visits the women's team, taking Tyana completely off guard. He's particularly confused by Tyana's decision to have Mahsa, who's afraid of dogs, working with the dogs when she has more experience as a receptionist. Ivanka visits Fortitude. James has a hard time articulating his vision, and Ivanka isn't sure if he's just nervous or if he lacks a clear vision in general.

David, Wade and Gene return, having been unable to find a red carpet for the entrance to the hotel. David insists on having the grand entrance, creating a "Plaza Hotel for dogs." When David can't find the nails they'd purchased to build the entrance, he becomes obsessed with turning binder clips into nails. James tells him this is a waste of time, and tries to get him to set up the webcam instead. David flips out, telling James they're going to lose without the wow factor. James says they don't have time for this and David responds that he doesn't have "time to lose." When it becomes clear David's refusing to cooperate at all, James orders him to leave and he does. David calls James the worst project manager ever. He's happy that at least he has a reason to "tear someone from elbow to elbow."

Liza spends the first day trying to get Fortitude's banner in place. With a half an hour to go, they find out that the printer can't open the file. Stephanie blames this on Liza, saying that the women's team can't work with Liza, and that they need to get her out of there. Liza resends the files, and at the last minute, the printer succeeds in printing them.

The next day, the two teams prepare for being judged by the dog hotel owners and by Cesar Millan, the famous dog whisperer. A big Cesar Millan fan, Tyana's nervous to have him as a judge. When he stops by, she introduces their idea of Tail Wag Tuesdays: a personal photo, a special doggie bag, and a doggie report card. Cesar likes the idea and comments that Tyana's energy is just right for this task. While James attempts to describe their exclusive package to Cesar Millan, Clint and the others start chiming in. Cesar points this out, saying that too many competing "leaders of the pack" creates conflict. But he really likes the webcam idea, how it draws in the customers and makes the daycare an event.

In the boardroom, James tells Trump that he thinks the men's team did well. But the rift between David and James surfaces quickly. Gene explains to Trump that James essentially fired David from the task to stop him from being a distraction. David explains that he was trying to build the grand entrance that they'd all agreed on. Since they had forgotten to buy nails, he tried to turn paper clips into nails. James shows Trump the binder clips that David was trying to turn into nails. As project manager, he saw it as a huge waste of time and wanted David to work on something more useful.

Trump asks Clint what he thought of James. Clint brings up the moment when Naresh, the owner, wanted to start training the men to handle the dogs, and James put Naresh on the back burner. James explains that he was trying to establish a clear plan, and thought the hands-on training could wait. Ivanka and Don both question his judgment in not bringing the owner of the business – who is after all the resident expert – into the planning phase of the project.

Trump asks Tyana if the women's team won, and she says she thinks so. Trump asks if there were team members who were afraid of dogs, and Mahsa says she's terrified of them. Ivanka presses Tyana, asking if it wasn't a bit of a set-up, putting Mahsa in the observation room with the dogs when she knew that Mahsa was afraid of them. Mahsa insists she would have been much better as a receptionist, and concludes that Tyana is just not a strong project manager. Trump asks Stephanie who she thinks is their weak link. Stephanie singles out Liza, claiming she reacts too personally and emotionally, and that she called Poppy a bitch for calling her out for the previous task. Liza tries to defend herself, saying she's getting emotional because she's all by herself and they're supposed to be a team.

Trump tells the teams that Cesar and the owners had very strong opinions. They loved what the women did, and gave the men the loss. He explains to Tyana that as winning project manager, she'll get to meet with Russell Simmons, the head of Def Jam Records. He congratulates the women and tells them to watch the men on the closed circuit feed. He tells Liza that the women's win is good news, but she'll still have to live with these bitches. Happy with their win, the women laugh, and leave to watch the men get grilled.

Trump asks James what went wrong. James isn't sure, but acknowledges that it's definitely tough to hear sharp criticism. When David claims that James was completely disrespectful to him, James counters. David undercut him in a profane fashion while they were talking to Naresh. Steuart agrees, adding that he was equally offended by David's behavior when dealing with the client. Still, Trump tells James that he sees David's disrespectful behavior as an indicator that James is not a good leader, since he doesn't command respect as a leader.

Ivanka says there were two reasons the owners gave for the men's loss: the bad dynamic of the team, and James' over-focus on execution and failing to learn the business. Clint and Wade agree wholeheartedly. Ivanka tells David that his behavior obviously contributes to the bad team dynamic, and that he's incredibly insubordinate. He doesn't even hide it in the boardroom! David defends himself: he feels it's his duty to the team to voice what he feels is a lack of direction. Trump asks Anand how he feels. Anand says that James was a poor leader through and through and that no one at the table respects him. Amazed by the bluntness of the critique, Trump tells James to bring two men back to the boardroom. James picks David and Wade.

Trump starts by asking Wade why he's there. He says he has no idea; he offered his expertise as a dog owner and did exactly what was asked of him and more besides. Wade defends David's passion, but adds that although he doesn't respect James, he wouldn't act up like David did. Trump again presses James on the fact that not one member of the men's team respects him. He asks James about his education, and James mentions his degrees from Duke and Georgetown. Don asks if his air of elitism might not put off his teammates. David says James has the education but not the experience. Trump grills David on what makes his experience better than James', but David fails to come up with a response.

Finally, Trump asks Wade who he would fire. Without pause, Wade insists he would fire James. The team would be stronger for it, and the men would win the next task without him. He then offers to be the next project leader to prove that he can handle David. Trump calls David that a wise-ass. David does roll his eyes a lot, but ultimately, he isn't the reason the men lost the task. Their loss came from lack of leadership. He tells James he's very disappointed in him, saying, "James, you're fired," then sends the men out of the room. As James walks toward the elevator, Wade tells him, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." James just smirks and shakes his head.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010 - 21:00
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The Celebrity Apprentice

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After taking over a dog daycare and spa, the candidates are visited by "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan.