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Week 13 - Season Finale Part II

As the final day of the competition begins, Mahsa and Poppy give Clint the bad news about the misspelling of Liza Minnelli's name on all of the posters for the gala. Clint realizes the responsibility is ultimately on him, so he's determined to fix it. He calls the printer and manages to make a deal for the amount of money they have left in their budget. Poppy is truly impressed at how calmly he handles the situation.

Anand is very excited when Team Brandy starts to welcome a number of star athletes to the golf tournament. The photographer who ended up at the wrong golf course shows up in the nick of time, and Brandy and Stephanie shift their concern to running the tournament. Kathy Griffin arrives and Brandy and Stephanie work with her to plan what she'll be doing. But before Kathy Griffin has a chance to get to the podium for an official welcome, the announcer announces the beginning of the tournament. Brandy is dismayed when Trump himself takes off to start playing without an official welcome, and worries that this makes her look bad.

Clint lays out a timeline: by 3 p.m. all of their pre-concert prep work needs to be done. He assigns Poppy to handle Liza Minnelli and Mahsa to handle Kathy Griffin. Steuart, the catering expert, insists that drinks and appetizers be ready to go at 5:30. Happy with the marching orders, Clint sends everyone off to work. Meanwhile, at the golf tournament, Brandy's dismayed to find out that of all people, Trump hasn't been assigned a fourth person to golf with. Now he feels hugely disadvantaged in the tournament. She visits him at the second hole and promises to find him a fourth player.

Since Kathy Griffin missed her chance to welcome everyone officially, Stephanie brings her around the golf course to schmooze. Ecstatic with Kathy's rapport with the players, Stephanie calls Kathy her "new best friend." Brandy meets Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski and gets them to agree to be Trump's fourth and fifth. Playing with Trump, Liza feels as though Brandy really came through and saved the situation. Back at the gala setup, Ivanka talks to Steuart and finds out that he's basically lined up the entire event in terms of food and drink. Amazed by how much he's done, she's only half joking when she asks if Clint's been doing anything.

Brandy complains that instead of focusing on his task, Clint is just walking around "like a stray dog" chatting up Trump and "kissing major butt." Ivanka visits Team Brandy and is pleased with what she considers to be very thoughtful gifts for the players. In the end, Brandy is very pleased with how the golf tournament ran. Now, she says, it's time to shower up, put on evening attire, and crash Clint's part of the party.

Clint and Poppy greet Liza Minnelli when she arrives. Clint is excited and nervous that he's responsible for "everything Liza Minnelli": how she looks, how she sounds and more. He gets Liza set up rehearsing on the stage and then goes to meet with Kathy Griffin and get her and her people set up with food. When Kathy corrects his pronunciation of "en-dive" as "on-deev," he jokes that he's going to "en-dive" out of the room to get them some food before he gets himself in trouble, getting a laugh out of her and her entourage.

Meanwhile, Steuart patrols the bar and dining area making sure everything is in order. He worries that Clint's folksy approach to everyone ("Hi, I'm from Texas, I hope y'all like me, thanks y'all") might come back to haunt him. Full of "y'alls," Clint welcomes everyone to the night's festivities and invites them to start eating. Seeing the setup for the evening, Brandy admits that Clint's a tough competitor and isn't sure if she'll win. Steuart is concerned about flow through the buffet line. Clint says he realizes that "time is the fire in which they are burning," having to get 500 people through the buffet lines in an hour. He gets on the mic, trying to get everyone's attention in order to direct the flow, but has a problem getting anyone to pay attention to him.

Finally, everyone is seated and eating. Clint gets on stage, welcomes everyone, and introduces the evening's entertainment, Kathy Griffin followed by Liza Minnelli, who's just released a new album, "Confessions." First however, he invites Donald Trump up to the stage. Trump thanks him. He begins by congratulating Clint and Brandy on a great job. Then he introduces Kathy Griffin, saying that he knows she'll be attacking his hair and "other crap, but that's okay!" Griffin walks on stage, thanks him for the intro, and then she's off.

Kathy Griffin jokes that she was talking with Liza and they were gloating that they'd finally made it: they were playing a ****ing golf club! Everyone laughs. She describes the night's awards. Stephanie's worried whenever Griffin mentions the cash value of the prizes, concerned that the hundreds they spent on the awards will sound paltry to the uber-wealthy attendees.

Griffin introduces Liza Minnelli, and welcomes her to the stage. Clint is blown away, saying that Liza has everyone in the palm of her hand. He's extremely pleased with how the night is working out - especially feeding 500 people in less than an hour - and loves his team. He concludes that the words "lose this task" are not even in his vocabulary and that they knocked the top off of the competition. Liza finishes her set with a rousing rendition of "New York, New York" to a standing ovation.

Brandy reflects on her journey over the course of the show, saying she's learned a lot about herself and made some amazing friends. She hopes that people have taken away that she's a good person, a smart person, and a great competitor. Win or lose, she knows that amazing things will happen for her as a result of being on the show. For his part, Clint says that his life changed the minute he set foot on the show; it's given him a feeling of rebirth. His wife is proud of him, his boys are proud of him, and he feels as though he is the Apprentice. But win, lose or draw, he's proud of what he's done and he'll go home a winner.

Trump begins the final boardroom asking Brandy why she chose the team instead of the task. She tells him that she knew she works well with Stephanie, that she and Liza saw each other through to the end, and that she really respects Anand. Also, her bad blood with Mahsa is no secret to anyone. Trump asks Mahsa what she thinks of that. Mahsa says she thinks Brandy always brings personal issues into tasks. Mahsa and Clint had a history, but she put it behind her to work on the final task. Trump points out that she was fired under a little controversy (an accusation of lying) and says he thinks she redeemed herself. He asks Anand if he felt like he redeemed himself. Anand says he hopes so, and Trump says "even though he cheated like a dog" he's redeemed.

Trump asks who picked the finalists' prizes, saying he's never heard of the manufacturer of the prize golf clubs before. Liza does as Liza does and starts to explain herself at a mile a minute. Trump just presses her, joking with her and telling her that if she was the one who chose the clubs, she'll be the first candidate in the show's history to get fired twice! Only he can't because she played golf too well. Everyone laughs. Trump does point out though, in all seriousness, that all of the prizewinners actually left their prizes behind. He asks Brandy if that isn't a case of bad management. Brandy says that all the contestants cared about was the tournament trophy, and in her mind that's what matters, but Trump isn't completely satisfied.

Trump asks Clint if he thought Liza Minnelli did well. Clint says she was amazing and made them all look good. Trump asks him why he chose the dinner over the golf tournament. Clint says he took it as a challenge, that everyone would think the tournament would have been easier for him. Ivanka asks him about his oratorical style, pointing out that she thought he really overused "y'all" too much. Trump agrees and asks Clint if he did it on purpose to prove he's a country boy. Clint says it's just a part of his speech. In any case, Trump says that he thinks both teams did an excellent job.

Since she worked under both Clint and Brandy as project manager, Trump asks Poppy who she thought did the better job. Uncomfortable at first, she says she was really impressed by Clint on this task; he really instructed them and really knew what he wanted. When Trump asks her about Brandy, Poppy says she thinks Brandy is incredible. When he asks her whom she would choose, she finally admits she would choose Brandy, causing Clint to break out in a nervous smile. Trump tells Clint it's okay - there are people on Brandy's team that would go with him. Trump suggests Anand would go with Clint, but Anand says he'd pick Brandy.

Stephanie adds her opinion, saying she found Clint very disrespectful during the final task as he kept on showing up on the golf course when he should have been taking care of his own task. Trump says he didn't notice, as he was too busy putting a ball in a hole. Stephanie goes further, saying that it's a "no-brainer." Brandy is clearly the more professional of the two, being always polished, eloquent, and with a great presence. After a pause, Steuart picks Clint, saying he's very impressed by Clint, who's very respectful, adaptive, and exceptional. For her part, Mahsa's impressed by Clint's charm and his ability to work with all kinds of different people - people's eyes light up while working with Clint.

Trump asks Liza, "his beautiful golf partner," who she would pick. She says she would definitely pick Brandy, and that even when she said Clint was the better player in her final boardroom, she was just trying to get rid of Brandy so she wouldn't have to compete against her. Trump then asks Ivanka what she thought of Team Clint. She says she was extremely impressed by the execution of the dinner and the fact that they served over 500 people in under 40 minutes. She also liked the way they engaged the golfers, so that the event wasn't just about Liza Minnelli but also about the golf experience. She also thought the décor was gorgeous.

As for Team Brandy, Donald Trump Jr. once again brings up the issue over the gifts. That aside, he admits that all of the golfers and VIPs had a great time. Trump says both teams got great reviews. He thanks all of the returning candidates, and tells them he'll seem them in the future - they'll all be stars! Then he asks them to leave. Brandy and Clint will stay to find out who will become the new Apprentice.

Trump starts by congratulating both candidates, telling them they're both outstanding and that there are no losers in the room. He asks Clint why he should be the new Apprentice. Clint cites his accomplishments: CPA, lawyer, CEO, high school valedictorian. He knows he's a charismatic leader that people seek out for advice, and more importantly, he cares genuinely about the people he works with. Trump asks him what job he would do as Apprentice. He mentions a golf resort in Scotland that Trump is currently building and how he's tailor-made for the project. When Trump asks if he's saying he'd leave Texas to work in Scotland, Clint says he would go anywhere in the world in order to work and learn from him.

Trump asks Brandy what she thought of Clint's answer. She thinks Clint is a great competitor, and that she is as well. She tells the Trumps that she feels that if they all interacted on a more personal level, they would really get along, and she would really learn a lot from them, as well as maybe – maybe! - teaching them something along the way as well.

Trump asks Brandy what job she would do for him. She feels confident that she could do any job he would give her to do, but she would love to work alongside Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr. or Eric. She says that while Trump is unbelievably magnetic, maybe it's time to learn from someone who's the next generation of the Trump name. Trump says that what she said is very good, and agrees with her. There's a new generation coming up, and a very smart generation, and that's great.

Trump tells Clint he's been outstanding; he almost couldn't ask for anything more. He tells Clint he's had weaknesses but he's overcome those weaknesses. Trump tells Brandy that, likewise, she's been amazing and that her teammates, almost to a person, think she's fantastic. "Clint," he says, "you're fired. Brandy, congratulations, I look forward to having you as the new Apprentice." Brandy thanks him, and the two younger Trumps congratulate her. Then an ecstatic Brandy nearly skips back to the waiting room to celebrate with the other waiting candidates, while Clint, dejected, heads for the elevators. While the others toast her, Brandy says she can't even describe how amazing she feels to be the new Apprentice.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010 - 21:00
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The Celebrity Apprentice

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Kathy Griffin and Liza Minnelli guest star as the final two go head to head for the big prize.