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Week 12

The final three wait outside the boardroom. Liza is giddy with the fact that after being attacked in the boardroom so much, she's made it this far. Interviewed, Brandy talks about how emotional the process is, and how you have to root for yourself along the whole way. Watching Brandy and Liza while they wait, Clint admits that he was thinking, "Poor ladies, you don't have a chance. One of you is going home." The moment of truth arrives when Trump calls the trio into the boardroom.

Trump asks each player why he should choose him or her to be his apprentice. Brandy makes her case, talking about how she left home as a teen and managed to work hard enough to finance her entire education. While working a full-time job in high school, she graduated valedictorian of her class, went to UCLA, and has worked for top law firms around the country. She is confident that her personality, her drive, and her experience will mesh well with the Trump organization. When asked who, between Liza and Clint, is the stronger player, she answers Clint.

Clint says he can do anything he puts his mind to, and that he has experience in many fields, including law, public accounting, and real estate. He's a "CEO in a box." When asked whom he thinks is the stronger of the other two players, he says Brandy has the edge. When Trump asks if it's not a big edge, Clint answers that it's a definite edge. Trump asks Liza why she should be the Apprentice, especially considering what the other two have said. Liza considers it an accomplishment to have made it this far, considering how much she's been attacked in the boardroom. She thinks that she embodies the spirit of the current season, now on the rebound after the recession's impact on her once-great success.

Liza mentions that a win on the show would be a huge boost to her career. Trump says she's already had that boost just being on the show, that millions of people have been watching her and love her. The same goes for Clint and Brandy. He asks Liza who's the strongest player at the table. She says she believes Clint is stronger. Brandy says that Liza's entitled to her opinion. Trump tells the three that they've all done well, and that they've all made it far. He tells Liza that despite her problems with others, he's always seen things in her that no one else did. Still, he says, she needs to learn to get along with people better. He tells her she's fantastic in every way, but, he concludes, "Liza, you're fired." She thanks him and leaves. Interviewed, an emotional Liza admits how hard it was to be fired and to hear Mr. Trump's critiques.

Trump congratulates Brandy and Clint on a job well done. He tells them to get some rest, and that they'll have a task that's going to be amazing. Outside the boardroom, popping open the champagne, Clint congratulates Brandy and tells her that he couldn't think of a more deserving opponent. She tells him that she feels the same way, and that it worked out exactly the way it should have. They raise a toast to each other and to the competition ahead. Clint thinks that while Brandy has beauty, he's got the "Rocky Balboa heart." Brandy agrees that Clint is a very strong competitor. He's very time-oriented, and a great leader. Clint thinks that Brandy is no slouch; she's smart with a great education and great passion. Joking, Clint asks Brandy if she's going to bring Mahsa back to help her, and she laughs.

Trump brings the final two to the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester to tell them their final tasks. Ivanka explains that one of them will be putting on a dinner gala followed by concert featuring the great Liza Minnelli. The other team will be putting on a golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin. Then Trump brings back "some old friends." One team of previous candidates will include Mahsa, Poppy and Steuart, while the other will include Anand, Stephanie and Liza. He tells Anand and Mahsa that this is their chance to redeem themselves because he knows they're great people. Anand admits that he was down after being fired for cheating, and was happy for the chance to come back and save face.

Since Brandy won the last task, she gets to decide whether to pick the team or the task. She chooses her pick of teams, and goes with Anand, Stephanie and Liza. Interviewed, she admits that she really didn't want to work with Mahsa after their falling out in the boardroom. Clint tells Trump he's happy with his team. When Poppy gives Clint a big hug, Trump reminds her that Clint is a happily married man. Clint starts to offer Mahsa a hug, but when it's not reciprocated, it turns into a handshake. Mahsa says that after Clint made her look like a liar in the boardroom, she couldn't give him a hug. "Clint knows, I know, and Jesus knows that Clint is not square with Jesus." Still, she's happy to be back, and once she shakes his hand, she insists that she's put the past aside.

Clint loves Liza Minnelli, so he chooses her gala as his task. He says it's a win-win: he got the team he wanted, and then he got to choose the task. Trump tells Brandy that she's got a great golf event to plan, and she has an advantage with Liza, who's quite the golf player, having gone to college on a golf scholarship. Trump asks someone to bring Liza a club, asking her to demonstrate her ability. She resists, saying she hasn't played for two years, but finally gives in and shows off her drive. Everyone is amazed and applauds. Extremely impressed, Trump gives her a hug and tells her he's proud of her. Then he sends the teams off to work, telling Brandy and Clint that one of them will be the new Apprentice.

Team Clint gathers to plan the Liza Minnelli gala. Steuart points out that he's been working hospitality since he was 14. Clint wants Steuart as point man with catering - everything to do with what the guests will eat and see on their table. Mahsa offers to work with decoration, but Clint sends that back to Steuart. Realizing that the two of them have been working together from day one, Mahsa feels a little frustrated trying to interject herself. As Team Brandy prepares for the golf tournament, Brandy admits she doesn't know golf, and so is happy that Liza, as a competitive golfer, can provide insight on the logistics behind a golf event. Liza's happy to be able to show off her expertise.

Clint meets with Liza Minnelli's manager Arthur to discuss her rider, the part of her contract that stipulates everything that must be present in her dressing room, down to specific heights of teacups, brands of humidifiers, and tablecloths of specific colors. Her manager points out that her father, legendary director Vincente Minnelli, was renowned for his attention to detail, and that Liza herself will very likely catch them out on the slightest missed item on her rider. Clint is absolutely determined to fulfill the rider down to the smallest iota, and promises Arthur there will not be an item missing from the list.

Brandy takes a tour of Trump National Golf Course to see what resources are available. She admits her ignorance of golf, and faces the challenge of wrapping her mind around the whole event. She explains that the event is set up so that Team Brandy is responsible for the golf event and providing the awards for the event, and Team Clint is responsible for distributing the awards at the event that evening. In the war room, Team Clint pores over Liza Minnelli's rider making sure everything is in order. Poppy orders two of the specified humidifiers to make sure that's covered. Clint hovers over the graphic designer as he puts together the program, and is pleased with the result.

Don Trump Jr. visits Team Brandy. He feels that they're a little "loosey-goosey" but that Brandy seems to have a grasp of where she wants to go. He feels she's fortunate having Liza's expertise, but worries that Brandy might get in trouble, handing a lot of responsibility to someone he sees as one of the weaker players. As he leaves, he gently mocks Anand, asking if he's assigned the task of monitoring the cheaters. Trump then visits Team Clint. Don admits he was surprised to hear Clint chose the Liza Minnelli task, and calls him "a renaissance man," with respect to his strategy of trying to impress his father by doing something unexpected. Don points out that the members of Trump's golf club are used to perfect execution, and that there can be no flaws.

Liza and Anand are given $20,000 to put together gift bags for all the golfers. While the team had planned to get gift cards for the tournament winners, Liza changes course at the pro shop and decides to get a driver for the first prize, a putter for the second prize and a bag for the third prize. She feels that gift cards just aren't special, while equipment is something tangible to show off. Anand feels that this is a mistake, but defers to Liza's golf expertise.

Steuart and Clint debate the logistics behind coordinating a dinner for 500. They disagree over separating the food and the people in separate rooms. Clint defers to Steuart, who wants to keep the food and the people together in the same room, but remains far from convinced. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Brandy are irate when they learn that Anand and Liza got golf equipment for prizes instead of the gift cards they'd discussed. Brandy especially feels that this change of course is unacceptable, and is additionally upset that Anand and Liza took four hours for the one task.

Clint sends Poppy and Mahsa out to get everything else on Liza Minnelli's rider. Back in the war room at 6:30 at night after other businesses have closed, Steuart gets a call from the caterer saying they won't be able to fulfill their contract. Clint flips out. Steuart tries to reassure Clint, and gets on the phone to hire another caterer.

Brandy talks about the fact that they have Kathy Griffin available to them for the duration of the tournament, and that it's up to them to determine how to incorporate her. Brandy calls her and tells her that they're great fans. Kathy asks Brandy if she's a gay man. Brandy laughs and says maybe at heart. Brandy throws out the idea of Kathy doing a routine to introduce the event, but Kathy says that she honestly feels just a short five-minute intro and then meeting the tournament guests would work better. When Brandy tells Kathy that Stephanie will be sent to meet her, Kathy asks if Stephanie is someone who was fired and is incredibly bitter and yet has been brought back to help. Stephanie answers, "Yes, exactly!" Kathy says, "That's my favorite part!" Brandy and Stephanie laugh.

Steuart calls caterer after caterer and comes up short. Finally, he finds someone to commit "100%" to provide catering for the event. Clint says it's been a rough day, but now they have all their ducks in a row. Over in Team Brandy's war room, Brandy calls Donald Trump to ask who he wants to play with at the tournament. Much to her dismay, he asks to play with Liza because he wants to see more of her formidable skills. Brandy's upset. This means that in the heat of the tournament, she'll be short her key golf-savvy team member. She also assumes Trump is doing this to throw another twist into the competition. Liza is both excited and nervous when she hears she'll be playing with Trump.

On the morning of the event, Team Brandy gets a call from the photographer saying that he's at Trump's course in Bedminster two hours away. Stephanie blames this on Brandy not confirming the location. Far worse, Mahsa and Poppy get Team Clint's printed materials and right in big letters on the poster Liza Minnelli's name is spelled wrong with only one "n." Poppy tells Mahsa that Clint was the one who signed off on all the printed material. As they talk to the printer about getting a reprint, Poppy sees that Liza Minnelli's name is also misspelled on all of the table cards. Realizing that the cost of the reprint has just far surpassed their budget, Mahsa finally calls Clint. Interviewed, she says that this huge mistake is exactly the sort of thing that someone gets fired for. To be continued in next week's season finaleā€¦

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Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 21:00
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The Celebrity Apprentice

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Season Finale Part I
One finalist runs a golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin, while the other plans a Liza Minnelli concert.