Steuart admits the situation is tense outside the boardroom between himself, Clint and Brandy. Brandy explains that she's not upset, but she'd be lying if she didn't admit to being on her guard, working alongside two men who've worked together since day one and have built up such camaraderie. When Liza and Stephanie come out of the boardroom, the other three talk about how this session was the longest boardroom yet. Stephanie tells Liza that she didn't like anything Liza said in the boardroom. She resents Liza, and basically accuses her of lying to Mr. Trump's face. Interviewed, Stephanie can't believe she's now stuck with Liza, the one person in the competition she can't stand. Her plan is to win a task, then throw Liza under the bus.

As winning project manager, Clint gets to meet with Barry Sternlicht, the founder and CEO of Starwood Properties Trust. Sternlicht tells Clint, "Genius is perseverance in disguise." After their meeting, Sternlicht gives Clint a present from Mr. Trump, a $5,000 gift certificate from Pier 1 Imports, a gift Clint can't wait to share with his wife.

Trump introduces Jane Hancock from FLO TV and Ted Woodbury from AT&T. Ted announces the new task: the teams will be creating 30-second spots that convince people to use AT&T mobile to watch their favorite programming on the go. Jane explains that the task will be judged by three criteria: creativity, brand representation, and concise and clear messaging. Stephanie announces she'll be project manager for Fortitude, while Steuart opts to be team leader for Octane.

Stephanie comes up with the idea of putting people in situations they don't want to be in so they escape by watching TV on their phone. Liza suggests a mother with her kids, but Stephanie won't bend, and insists on an office setting. Stephanie, who's "had issues with Liza since the beginning," tasks Liza with accounting and location scouting. Stephanie considers herself a one-man show with a "secretary," i.e. Liza. Meanwhile, Steuart assigns himself editing, Clint creative, and Brandy presentation. They're struggling for an idea, when Clint has an epiphany in the bathroom. He suggests a group of guys, all excitedly watching their favorite sports, except one guy who doesn't have AT&T mobile. At the end of the spot, he walks into AT&T and becomes one of the guys. Steuart isn't sold on the idea, but for lack of a better one, they go for it.

Fortitude meets with their photographer. Liza introduces herself, but Stephanie takes over, insisting she's the boss. Unable to secure either a sporting location or an office location over the phone, Liza leaves to find a location. Looking increasingly annoyed, the cinematographer points out that they have no location, no props, no wardrobe, and no actors. He asks if they even have a concept. Stephanie says they jotted something down on the way over. Finally the actors arrive. Lacking a real location, Stephanie decides to rehearse with what they have. The cinematographer works with her, but continues to roll his eyes at the apparent pointlessness of what they're doing.

Realizing they probably have an overly ambitious schedule, Octane fights to shoot all six of their scenes in time. Clint plays the father in the commercial, the odd man out without FLO TV on an AT&T mobile phone. Clint says his role on the task is "you name it": actor, director and writer. Steuart is project manager, but Clint feels he's putting in as much as a PM would. Meanwhile, Brandy feels like she doesn't have a lot of input in the project and it's not her "baby." Ivanka visits, and Clint immediately launches into a description of the project. She says that it seems like Steuart is relying too much on Clint, and wonders if Steuart is actually a good leader or just fortunate to surround himself with strong people.

Unable to find an actual location, Fortitude is forced to use – in Stephanie's words – a "cheesy backdrop" for a location. Cinematographer Chris Hall says Stephanie is "all over the place," and describes this as literally the "high school version of film school." He says he's being extra patient with Stephanie but it's starting to wear off. Running out of time, with no location, no wardrobe, and barely any concept, Stephanie decides she's going to have to improvise.

Don stops by while Stephanie directs the actors against a sky backdrop. She explains that they were hoping to have an outdoor location, but were disappointed. When Don asks how they're doing time-wise, Stephanie says they're doing well. Liza arrives with two bags of props and costumes, not enough for all of the actors. Don sees that Stephanie is once again relegating Liza to a negligible role. If they win, that's great, because she'll take the major credit. But if they lose, it's a lot of responsibility Stephanie's taking on herself. Stephanie thinks she's doing a great job directing, and thinks it might be her calling. Watching the results, Liza and Chris the cinematographer seem inclined to disagree.

Octane is feeling pressed for time while they edit their footage. Working until early in the morning, they worry that fatigue is affecting their ability to judge edits clearly. Meanwhile, Liza squirms, watching their footage and thinking she would laugh at this if it were a real commercial. Stephanie considers a lot of the situation to be Liza's failure, since she didn't deliver a location. She also feels as though Liza has washed her hands of the project. Stephanie says that if Liza thinks she can wash her hands of the project and pass the responsibility on to her, she has another thing coming.

Fortitude presents their ad to Trump and the judges. It's an office scene where the boss complains about a lack of energy in the office. One of the employees suddenly jumps up, yelling the score - he's watching sports on his AT&T mobile. The boss says they need to get everyone AT&T mobile so they can foster that energy. After the commercial, Stephanie explains what they were trying to achieve, demonstrating that AT&T Mobile and FLO TV can help people capture the "finer moments" in life. Trump says, "Very nice, very good," and Stephanie is ecstatic to have finally had the chance to "relay the true Stephanie to Mr. Trump."

Octane presents their commercial with Clint as the odd-man-out dad, who finally joins the movement of folks watching live TV through FLO TV on their AT&T mobile phones. After the commercial, the three deliver their presentation. Steuart is a little stiff, and Brandy mangles her lines left and right. Trump asks Brandy why she didn't memorize her lines. Steuart explains that they were up all night editing. While he and Clint edited, Brandy worked on the presentation. Steuart thinks their presentation went well, but admits they could have done better. Ultimately though, "What's done is done, and what are you gonna do?"

In the boardroom, Trump asks Steuart how he thinks they did. Steuart thinks they did well. He admits Brandy didn't do as well with her presentation as she had for previous tasks, and Brandy agrees. Trump says some days you're up, some days you're down. While he thought she did a phenomenal job on the previous task and would have hired her in a second, this time the person who did the fantastic job with the presentation was Stephanie. Trump asks Stephanie how she got along with Liza this week, and Stephanie insists they got along fine. Trump asks Liza if that's true, and she says absolutely.

Trump asks Stephanie and Liza who came up with the boardroom idea, because he really doesn't like the idea of his employees watching television on the job. Stephanie admits it was her. Don reads the judges' comments. They really liked Stephanie's presentation. They liked the production values, and they liked the energy level both in the commercial and in her presentation. The negatives were the questionable concept of a boss encouraging employees to watch TV, and the fact that the commercial took 18 seconds out of 30 before finally identifying the brand.

Ivanka tells Octane that the judges liked the way the branding was presented up front and center. They thought the ad was creative with high energy, and they liked that a location for purchase was included in the ad. What they didn't like was that it was a bit campy, and brand messaging was inconsistent. Trump says that the executives felt that Clint, Brandy and Steuart absolutely won. He congratulates them and tells Steuart that he'll be meeting with Cathie Black, chairman of Hearst Magazines.

Trump asks Stephanie why he shouldn't fire her. She said she did her best to overcome her hardheadedness, and Trump acknowledges that she did. She says that Liza is very hard to work with. Trump points out that in the boardroom, Liza always seems very confrontational. Liza claims she has to defend herself from attacks. Stephanie suggests that Liza should get used to being criticized when she doesn't do anything. Ivanka points out that Liza does seem to take an ancillary role, and that at this point in the game, she's the only candidate who hasn't won a task as project manager. She says that Liza is vocal in the boardroom, but doesn't seem particularly effective in the field.

Liza insists she really wanted to use her idea of an overworked mother with kids watching TV in the back of the car, but Stephanie insisted on doing something else; with Stephanie it's "her way or the highway." Trump says that it's sometimes okay for a leader to insist upon her vision. Liza points out that the client didn't like Stephanie's vision. Stephanie insists the problem was the location, but Trump reminds that it was the concept, not the location. Watching outside the boardroom, Steuart insists that Stephanie needs to be fired; Trump can't let her make it out of the boardroom.

Donald Trump Jr. presses Liza again about the fact that she really didn't do more for the execution of the ad. Liza tries to defend herself, but Stephanie shushes her by making mouth-closing gestures with her hands. Watching this, Steuart blurts out, "Ooh, Mahsa hands! The Mahsa hands are back!" while Clint adds, "The guns are out!" Ivanka voices an issue with Stephanie's concept, but also with Liza's lack of input. Liza insists she was pressing for a different concept entirely, but Stephanie wouldn't listen to her. Ivanka says this just tells her that Liza isn't good at selling her ideas.

Trump asks who was responsible for not including the branding earlier in the ad. Stephanie owns it, saying she directed the commercial. Trump tells Stephanie it's very simple: he's not happy with Liza, but as project manager, Stephanie is responsible for the concept and the execution. "Stephanie," he says, "you're fired." Stephanie thanks him and the two get up to leave. As they walk out, Trump tells Liza that he's not happy with her one bit, and she had better get her act together.

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As the competition narrows, the candidates must produce 30-second spots for FLO TV and AT&T Mobile.