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Maxine's Dad

S2 E1105/15/16
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Maxine's dad is in town for her graduation. When he offers her a lucrative job she doesn't want to take, her and Jerrod's integrity is put to the test.

Man's World

S2 E1005/08/16
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The Carmichaels believe in traditional gender roles, but Maxine argues they're outdated. Jerrod proposes he and the Carmichael men can shingle the roof faster than Maxine can change a tire. Will the men nail it or fall flat?

Facebook Friends

S2 E905/01/16
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Joe Carmichael is killin' it on Facebook! But when his high school ex "pokes" him, Cynthia turns to cyberbullying. Jerrod isn't sympathetic to how his Twitter posts make Maxine feel until she posts a nude photo on Instagram.

The Blues

S2 E804/25/16
Cynthia has been feeling "the blues" lately. But when she describes her symptoms to the family, Maxine thinks it may actually be depression. Jerrod and Maxine refuse to take the family photo until Cynthia seeks help.
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