S4 E1804/27/17
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While Red searches for Kaplan, the task force chases a bounty hunter she's employed to target Red's closest associates, and Ressler faces a dilemma when his former partner returns.


S4 E1704/20/17
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As Kaplan continues her mission to bring down Red's criminal empire, her past and long history with Red are brought to light, revealing a stunning connection to Liz.

Dembe Zuma

S4 E1604/20/17
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In a desperate attempt to prove his innocence to Red, Dembe kidnaps Aram, who finally uncovers the truth, leading both Dembe and Red into a deadly confrontation.

The Apothecary

S4 E1502/23/17
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After being dosed with poison, Red must retrace his steps to discover which of his closest allies has betrayed him, while the task force races against the clock to find an antidote that will save him.

Isabella Stone

S4 E1302/09/17
As another member of Red's team is targeted, the task force races to stop the sophisticated criminal who has been attacking Red and his businesses. Meanwhile, a shocking event sends Tom on the hunt for information about his past.
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