Mr. Kaplan

S4 E2105/18/17
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As Agent Gale works to take down the task force, Red and Liz race to stop Kaplan from stealing a crucial piece of evidence that could compromise them all.

The Debt Collector

S4 E2005/11/17
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Red seeks Kaplan's assistance when Liz is targeted by a ruthless mercenary, and Ressler faces new complications in his efforts to keep Agent Gale in the dark about the task force.


S4 E1804/27/17
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While Red searches for Kaplan, the task force chases a bounty hunter she's employed to target Red's closest associates, and Ressler faces a dilemma when his former partner returns.


S4 E1704/20/17
As Kaplan continues her mission to bring down Red's criminal empire, her past and long history with Red are brought to light, revealing a stunning connection to Liz.
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