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James Spader
Megan Boone
Diego Klattenhoff
Harry Lennix
Ryan Eggold
Mozhan Marnò
Amir Arison
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Mako Tanida

Season 1
Episode 116
Air Date 03/17/14

Prison break, Abashiri Prison, Hokkaido, Japan. Former Yakuza crime lord Mako Tanida wends his way to a Tokyo hotel where he forces FBI agent Sam Raimo to commit ritual seppuku for past transgressions against him. Back in DC, Tom finds Jolene in his kitchen telling Liz about her intention to move to the neighborhood and acting like she's never met him. Across town, Ressler and Audrey, now together, attend Raimo's funeral. There they meet up with Agent McGuire and Bobby Jonica, Ressler's ex-partner, who thinks Reddington is to blame for Raimo's death. Ressler's surprised to learn Reddington wants to talk about Mako, whom he believes killed Raimo and is likely looking to kill Ressler next. After McGuire is murdered, Ressler brings the case to the FBI, who focuses on Aiko Tanida, Mako's brother, now underground. Ressler returns home to pick up Audrey, intending to bring her to his parents' country house for safety. Audrey is just about to share wonderful news when Mako crashes into Ressler's car. Sirens wail; Mako shoots Audrey and takes off. She dies in Ressler's arms by the time the police arrive.

Tom meets Jolene at a warehouse, presumably his safe house, to lay into her for meeting up with Liz. He shows her his evidence wall, which is all about Liz and Reddington, whom he believes was laundering money through Liz's father for years. Little do they know, The Cowboy is watching and reporting back to Reddington, who wants Jolene brought to him. Reddington moves on to another meeting with Ressler, who wants intel on Mako. After advising Ressler to go home, Reddington points him to an underground hospital. Ressler calls Jonica and goes on a rampage, hitting the hospital and killing Mako's man on the examining table. Liz visits Red, begging for intel to find Mako before Ressler does. Red's news: Aiko is dead, which means it's time to review the case files. In fairly short order, Liz and Meera deduce that it's Jonica who's been running Mako's empire and posing as his brother.