Dear Future Aram,

So, my job is weird.

Six or seven years ago, some of my NSA buddies and I went through a phase where we played a lot of online poker. With a big enough bankroll set aside, you can do all right, maybe $20-$25 an hour if you're sharp. But those games are merciless, and you've really got to stay clearheaded through a lot of bad hands to make it worth your time. It kinda takes the fun out of it, at least it does for me; and at the end of the day, chasing bad guys is a lot easier money, even if you can't make your own hours.

Anyway, there's an old saying in poker: "If you look around the table and can't spot the sucker - you are the sucker." And right now, my friends at work and I are kind of looking around and wondering, wait - who's the sucker, again?

I'm not going to talk about too many specifics here, 'cause it's kind of a state secret. By which I mean, it's *literally* a state secret. But we - well, Liz, mainly - figured something out today that was huge. Something that meant all, or nearly all, of the work we've done since the task force started is all interconnected in ways we're only now beginning to understand.

Until this morning, I thought my job was basically "work with a really bad guy in order to stop a bunch of even worse ones." Now I'm not so sure that's right. Right now it feels a little more like "help a really bad guy and take out his enemies, paving the way for his inevitable world domination."

I mean, that's not exactly what I signed up for.

I hope I'm still saving the world tomorrow. I hope I was saving the world all along.

Your Friend,
Past Aram

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