A few days ago (in my timeline, don't know how long ago for you, future me) John Gruber posed a question: "Is there anyone who's not for sale?" He was talking about Oculus VR, and man, Mark Zuckerberg seems to have a lot of money.

Two billion dollars. Hard to even picture. That's, like, the amount of money you could use to stop malaria in a small country, or build 1,000 wells for a 1,000 villages or something. I mean, I know they're spending money to make money. And maybe crazy VR goggles like Oculus Rift are like, the future of social networks, and will make them *$4 billion*. So it's not apples to apples, and I'm not judging.

But the broader point he made - "Is there anyone who's not for sale?" - that point is well taken. A few days ago at work, we ran across this strange character named Milton Bobbit. This guy was really creepy to me - not because he had a detachable prosthetic nose, though that's certainly a new one - but because he convinced pretty normal people to do some really awful things for money.

The people in question, it turns out, were dying. And they wanted to provide for their families, when life insurance had dropped them and they were desperate. So that part's noble. But they were killing other people, pretty innocent people, which is, you know, not so much noble.

It makes me wonder, though. In a strange way. Like, could I ever get so desperate to protect my family that I would even contemplate that sort of thing? It makes me uncomfortable to think about it.

Luckily, the government gives me life insurance, so I'm probably gonna be okay.

Your Friend,
Past Aram

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