Dear Future Aram,

My barista ruins my drinks. Every single day, I order a 16-ounce three-shot, three-pump hot caramel latte. And every single day, and I mean every *single* day, this guy gives me two shots of coffee and four pumps of caramel. Why?

He can't be doing it by accident. And how do you say to someone, "Hey, please do it right today? Do my coffee just like how I'm saying, and not, like, a different way," when he's then going to handle my food? So frustrating.

I've come to a decision: I'm putting him on the Blacklist.

I mean, come on. If he served Reddington these messed-up drinks, Dembe would kick his door down! This kind of mistake isn't even part of his universe. Would it be an abuse of power for me to just sneak him on the list? Okay, maybe that's not something I have the power to do...

Speaking of Reddington, the other day he held me at gunpoint and forced me to commit an untraceable international bank robbery. I'm still not 100% sure of his motive, but I'm pretty sure it was to exonerate me from any suspicion that I was the mole in the black site. That, and to get $5 million. The night sweats haven't gone away yet, and I'm still having the occasional panic attack, but that will pass in time, right?

Recap: in the last month, I've survived an attack by professional mercenaries, shot and killed a guy and stolen millions of dollars.

Maybe the coffee is the least of my problems.

Your Friend,
Past Aram

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