Dear Future Aram,

I've been having a crappy week. And by crappy, I mean really aggressively crappy. After the incursion, Liz and I discovered some stuff that led to some other stuff, that led to us finding out that, like, creepy people have been surveilling all of us both at work and at home for months. So the FBI came into my apartment to look for cameras. And they didn't find any, but it's still really unnerving.

I stayed at a hotel the last few nights, and today is the first night back at my place. The cameras used IEEE 802.15.1, so I built myself a little packet-sniffer for that and 802.11x, and now I walk around with it. Nothing sniffed so far. But for sure I'm not taking any chances.

On a happier note: because my new(ish) job requires a high security clearance, I'm doing this log on a new disk image with stronger encryption. (It's funny that, before I started at the Blacklist Task Force, 256 AES seemed like "pretty strong encryption"! Now it seems like a quaint joke.) Right now, I'm working with Curve25519, which I like because it's fast and simple. At my day job, I use Quadratic Sieve all the time, which makes me wary of anything factoring-based - and ECC is pretty resistant to quantum computing attacks. (Should I be concerned with those on my home machine? Curve25519 uses the prime field defined by (2^255 - 19) - but I don't know if it would be smarter to try a different ECDH scheme with a different (lesser-used) field? Or is that being overly paranoid?)

These are the questions that keep me up at night. Well that, and:

The other weird part of the surveillance thing is like, when were they taking those photos? When I was going to work, coming home from work? Like, a guy was following me, with a camera, taking pictures. What if they came into my apartment? And were in my bedroom and took photos of my documents and saw the stuff in my dresser and -


I don't know, but I'm sleeping on the couch tonight for sure.

Your friend,
Past Aram

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