Mo's Journey

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Coach Mo
Mo's Journey
Mo rallies the contestants to lose 150 lbs so no one has to go home for week 2.
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Contemplating the Challenge
Mo's Journey
Coach Mo tries to create a game plan for winning the vertical challenge and immunity for the Purple Team.
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Feeling defeated
Mo's Journey
With the contestants upset with Tracy, Mo has to keep his head in the game and out of the drama.
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Fighting for Immunity
Mo's Journey
Once again, it is up to Mo to carry the Purple team, this time in the vertical challenge. The prize - immunity.
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Making the Coach Proud
Mo's Journey
Coach Mo congratulates Daniel for hanging on. His prize, immunity for the orange team.
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Mo's Introduction
Mo's Journey
Mo jumps out of the Biggest Loser Bus to start his journey.
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Mo's first weigh in
Mo's Journey
Without a partner, Mo has to carry the purple team with a total loss of 19 lbs.
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The Biggest Challenge
Mo's Journey
Mo and Tracy discuss the best options for ordering out while The Biggest Loser kitchen is closed for the entire week.
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The Incline
Mo's Journey
Mo fights the uphill battle to lose weight and keep the purple team in the game with Tracy on the sidelines.
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The Path to Success
Mo's Journey
Mo and Allen continue to walk together on the long road that will hopefully lead to weight loss and happiness.