The Winning Moment of Season 15

The three finalists weigh-in at the live finale, but only one contestant will be crowned The Biggest Loser.

Rachel Wins the Triathlon

In their last week on the ranch, the contestants participate in their toughest challenge yet: the Biggest Loser Triathlon.

David's Makeover

The contestants meet with stylists Tim Gunn and Ken Paves to receive a new look for their new selves.

Bob's Olympics Workout

The contestants head to the Olympic Training Center in Park City, Utah to train with some of the best athletes in the world.

Last Chance

The eliminated contestants return for a second chance to rejoin the competition, and a brutal sand dune challenge leads to another elimination.

The Red Team Reboots

The competition moves to singles, and a double red line leads to the elimination of two key players.

The White Team Is Evil

The teams participate in a trivia challenge, and the losing team must work in a diner for the entire week.

Rachel Swims Again

One team's fate rests on a single contestant sent to work out at home with his trainer.

Thanksgiving on the Ranch

The contestants compete in a food drive challenge, and the winning team receives a much-needed visit from a family member.

Ruben's Return

Ruben returns to the ranch; the contestants receive a visit from their former selves, and Bob uses the last trainer save of the season.

Craig vs. Water

The contestants battle in a tailgate cook-off to create healthy, delicious meals for the Season 14 Biggest Loser kids, and another contestant is eliminated.

There's Somethin' In My Pumpkin

The contestants must scavenge through a pumpkin patch in search of immunity, but temptations lurk around every corner.

The Mystery Box

This week, the Biggest Loser contestants are only allowed to use gym equipment they've "purchased" in an auction.

Craig's Challenge

The contestants compete in their first challenge of the season, and one contestant is sent home after the Week 2 weigh-in.

Choosing Teams

The new contestants of Season 15 arrive at the ranch for their first week of workouts and weigh-ins.