Biggest Loser: Glory Days comes to an exciting conclusion with a live two-hour finale!

Four contestants are left at the ranch, but only three will make it to the live finale.

Bob Harper returns to the ranch with his Comeback contestant. Will it be Scott or Woody?

It's Makeover Week! The former athletes celebrate their new shapes by getting a style overhaul from Tim Gunn.

The players set goals for the New Year and their new lives. One contestant faces his biggest fear while another takes a huge step towards self-acceptance.

The remaining contestants travel to Hawaii, where they push themselves to new limits in paradise.

No more teams! It's down to the final seven, and the players must compete as individuals for immunity.

If the contestants can cumulatively lose 50 pounds or more, no one goes home this week.

The ranch is rocked when the teams are dismantled and new teams are formed. 

The teams are paired with NFL superstars who help coach them for the week.

Three team MVPs face off, and one team's willpower is tested in Las Vegas. 

Whichever team loses the challenge has their trainer ejected for the week. 

A tailgate temptation challenge gives one contestant immunity - but at what cost?

At this week's high-flying challenge, the winning team must choose a player from another team to sit out the weigh-in. 

The pressure is on, as one contestant must go home for week with their trainer - and only their weight counts for their team. 

The Biggest Loser - Season 16

Week 3 proves to be the most difficult yet, with two challenges and a lot of tears.

Week 2 is about more than just losing weight - it's about dealing with the core emotional issues that have led the contestants to this point.

Twenty former athletes, including a Super Bowl champion, a tennis legend and an Olympic gold medalist, strive to regain their former glory.