Hometown: Darby, Florida
Occupation: Attorney Who Represents the Disabled
Starting Weight: 399 pounds
Current Weight: 322 pounds
Team: Red Team

Mike Murburg says a promise he made to his son, Ehren, who tragically died at age 20 during Special Forces training in 2008, is his reason for coming on The Biggest Loser. His son always wanted him to lose weight and now he is ready to fulfill that promise. Born in Englewood, New Jersey and raised in nearby Norwood with three siblings, Murburg attended high school at age 12 to play offensive and defensive tackle for an undefeated freshman team, and he took up wrestling when he was 15. At 16, he was the New Jersey state heavyweight champion runner-up, and at 17, he went to Princeton and competed on their football team and Ivy League Championship wrestling team. He lettered as a freshman, made nationals as a sophomore and also lettered at varsity football. After graduating from Princeton, Murburg attended Florida State University College of Law. He suffered a devastating loss when his father died on his first day of law school, but Murburg persevered and managed to ultimately graduate with honors while starting a family. After he and his wife divorced, life as a single parent of two children took its toll on his health and weight. His health declined further in the face of overwhelming grief after the loss of his son. Now 58 years old and 399 pounds with diabetes and high blood pressure, Murburg is ready to get healthy and looks forward to fitting in his kayak again, skiing and hiking.