Hometown: Dodge City, Kansas
Occupation: Optometric technician
Starting Weight: 341 pounds
Current Weight: 270 pounds

‚ÄčTotal Weight Loss: 71 pounds

Former basketball standout Chandra Maple says, "I know it was time to lose weight when I realized I couldn't play basketball with my sister or the girls that I coach." Born in Hutchinson, Kansas, and raised in Dodge City, Maple was the middle child of three. She played basketball in high school and was named MVP her freshman year. In addition, Maple also won the state softball championship three years in a row. But her dream of playing in the WNBA ended when she suffered a career-ending knee fracture in high school. Though she struggled with weight her whole life, that injury was the biggest catalyst for her weight gain. It resulted in a far less active lifestyle and that, combined with a poor diet, caused her to add on the pounds, which also chipped away at her self-confidence. After high school, Maple attended the University of Kansas for a year before transferring to Dodge City Community College, where she earned an associate of arts degree. Now 26 years old and 341 pounds, Maple is hoping to lose weight so she can keep the promise she made to her family to get healthy. She also looks forward to becoming a better role model to the girls on her basketball team and is eager to get back on the court and compete again.