ABOUT Jay Sheets

Learn more about Jay Sheets, a Season 15 contestant of the NBC reality competition show The Biggest Loser.


Occupation: Marketing Associate for a Food Company
Hometown: Farmington, Missouri


Though he has struggled with weight his whole life, Jay Sheets says a series of events six years ago left him at his heaviest weight, when his parents divorced after 40 years together and then his childhood home burned to the ground. Growing up in Farmington, Missouri with his older brother, Jay stayed active riding horses, playing football and hunting and fishing. After high school, he earned a degree in agriculture/business at Murray State University in Kentucky. His current job in the food industry often finds him on the road, eating whatever food is fast and easy. Now 38 years old, 297 pounds and suffering from sleep apnea and hypertension, Jay wants to lose weight to be more active with his wife and two sons, ages 10 and 4. Having formerly competed on the professional rodeo circuit, he hopes to get in shape and return to competing. "My true passion in life is riding horses and team roping, and my weight is now preventing me from doing what I love," says Jay. "Also, my kids are getting older and are now participating in sports, and my weight is preventing me from helping them achieve their goals." Once he loses the weight, Jay looks forward to riding horses comfortably and competing on the rodeo circuit again.