ABOUT Craig Arrington

Learn more about Craig Arrington, a Season 15 contestant of the NBC reality competition show The Biggest Loser.


Occupation: Warehouse Supervisor for Pharmaceutical Company
Hometown: Wilson, North Carolina


When he was just 10 years old, Craig Arrington lost his 32-year-old father to a heart attack. He has struggled with his weight ever since, saying food became a comfort to him. Craig was born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, the oldest of three children. He enjoyed playing sports in high school, including weight lifting, basketball and football, and as an offensive lineman for the latter, he was encouraged to put on weight. After high school, Craig attended East Carolina University and graduated with a degree in business administration/management. His "aha moment" came when he was attempting to conceive his first child and the doctor told him he needed to lose weight because it was affecting his testosterone. Now 30 years old, 385 pounds and suffering from hypertension, Craig is a married father of a two-year-old girl, with another baby expected in December. He hopes to lose weight and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle so his daughter never remembers him being heavy, and so he can motivate his overweight family members to also get in shape. Craig loves to cook and travel, and he hopes to be able to hike Pike's Peak in Colorado with his uncle when he loses the weight.