Jessie Pavelka


An internationally recognized fitness expert for over 10 years, Jessie Pavelka has an impressive track record helping others develop practical solutions to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  In the U.K., he starred on Sky TV's "Obese: A Year to Save My Life" as well as "Fat: The Fight of My Life," helping overweight women and men dramatically improve their health and their lives. He also trained the masses on ITV's "Motivation Nation," where he encouraged viewers across the U.K. to make one small change each day in order to reach their fitness goals.

In the U.S., Pavelka was the featured trainer on Lifetime's "DietTribe" and hosted a series of exercise programs on OWN called "Wake Up Workout with Gaiam."

In 2005, Pavelka started a business with fellow trainer David Rylah, training bariatric patients for pre- and post-gastric bypass surgery, as well as training those who were overweight but didn't qualify for the surgery. 

The Corpus Christi native played football at the University of North Texas and later became a professional bodybuilder and NPC fitness competitor. Through those experiences, he learned how to train his own body to become bigger, stronger and faster, and he found that even small changes in nutrition and exercise can have a huge impact. As a trainer, he now teaches his clients the power of one small change. 

Pavelka is certified through NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine), one of the country's leaders in personal training. He is also certified through the Cooper Institute, where he attended lectures by Dr. Kenneth Cooper (who introduced the fitness concept of aerobics), and he holds a Master Trainer Certification with Physique Elite.

Pavelka currently lives with his wife and son in Los Angeles. When he's not working, he enjoys the outdoors and traveling with his family. In his free time, he is the ambassador of HOOP (Helping Overcome Obesity Problems), a U.K.-based organization dedicated to helping those struggling with the issues surrounding weight management and obesity.