"Watch" and Learn

To bait the woman responsible for a string of murdered male escorts, Leo must go undercover - and get undressed.

We Meet Again

A copycat killer forces Cat to seek answers from the man who held her hostage: the Park Slope Stalker.

Wanted Woman

The Russian mob wants the only witness to Cat's dad's murder dead, so Cat and Leo set out to find her first.

Siren Call

To find out who killed a beloved foster mother, Cat and Leo must track down the missing witness to the crime: a 10-year-old boy.

Cracking the Culprit

The murder of a Holocaust survivor leads Cat and Leo to Brooklyn's biggest crime family - and the truth about one of her oldest friends.

Undercover Blunder

When a handbag titan's son goes missing, Cat and Leo must unravel the clues to find out who designed his disappearance.

Wild Ride

While investigating a bank robbery, Detective Cat Sullivan is forced to team up with a cab driver, Leo Romba, who's hiding a dark past.